Housing Crisis, Surge in Student Loan Debt. See any similarieties?

Remember the Housing Crisis? Well it appears there are many parrelels with the Housing Crisis and the rise of Student Loan Debt.   You may remember the surge in Bankruptcy filings during the housing crisis and some were able to save their homes, others, unfortunately, were not.  In a nutshell, the victims of the housing…


So you purchased holiday gifts on a credit card, do you know what protections and benefits that credit card offers? You maybe pleasantly surprised!

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I can’t count how many times a retailer has told me this holiday season that I can save 5% by opening up a retail charge card. Should I? Should anyone? Here are some factors to think about and explore:

I’m standing in a crowded line at Home Goods and it is finally my turn to go to the next cashier.  She offers me a charge card, not once, not twice, but three times. First and foremost, is this the best time for me to make a financial decision?  OK, I may save $40 but…


My Bankruptcy is completed, now how can I improve and monitor my credit?

Adding a monthly fee to pay for credit report monitoring may seem like a luxury right now and it is really not necessary.  There are plenty of reliable free credit report monitoring web sites out there.  One in particular I recommend to clients is Credit Karma.  It is free and helpful.  There are videos as…