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Baby girl names royal

The Royals are pretty big news at the moment, with the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first baby being just weeks away. Unsurprisingly, the royal family are known to have a pretty heavy cultural influence; not only where fashion and beauty are concerned, but also in terms of baby names. The Telegraph noted, for instance, that Charlotte had become their readers' most popular baby name following the birth of the young princess in So if you're looking to follow suit - and are keen on choosing a name with a regal feel that's steeped in tradition - how about any one of the following options, which baby naming site Nameberry highlighted as having been used by British royalty over the past few centuries.


Royal Names for Baby Girls

Royal names for girls are beloved for their rich history and world-class polish. From Hadria. Pure, holy. Little loved one. Alive, well.

Defender of man. Man's defender; defender, protector. Of nobility. Industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager. He God has favored me. Most holy; silver. Great, magnificent. Season of harvest. Voyager through life ; blessed. Exalted one. Young religious servant. Free woman. Free man. From Denmark. Heavenly and divine.

Sun ray, shining light. God's promise; God is my oath. God is my oath. Well-born, noble. One who abstains. God is my strength. A variant form of Georgiana. Gracious one. Be glad; rejoicing child. Compassion; light. Woman from Magdala. Sun ray, shining light; compassion; light. Famous warrior. Of the sea. Star of the sea. A French form of Mary.

Lady; mistress of the house. Mighty in battle. A diminutive form of Mathilda, Magdalene, Matilda, etc. Passing child; child of beautiful wisdom; child of beautiful knowledge. Blessed, holy; successful. Peace; helmet of God; safe. Large, grassy plain. Serene, calm. Woods, forest. Blooming flower. Royalty is synonymous with power, elegance, and poise, making royal names for girls an in-demand category for parents.

These names captivate commoners around the world with their royal ties, as everyone wants their own little princess. Elizabeth is easily the most recognizable royal baby girl name today, as Queen Elizabeth II has ruled the United Kingdom since the s. This Hebrew classic is tied to several women in power throughout history.

This added boost of strength makes her a favorite. Similarly, Diana remains deeply connected to the late Princess of Wales and has an air of sophistication and star power.

Other British royal girl names that stand out are Catherine , Victoria , and Margaret. British royal girl names especially have a buttoned-up feel that makes them polished classics. These names have a fashionable flair that helps them transcend the boundaries sometimes seen in royalty. Some of the most stunning royal finds come if you travel beyond the traditional castles of Europe. Many royal names for girls have retained their allure for years, like Grace , a name forever tied to Grace Kelly , the Princess of Monaco.

Anastasia is another that remains deeply connected to the late Russian princess. With each generation, more royal girl names appear as more royals choose to break from tradition.

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20 Royal Baby Names For Your Little Prince or Princess

Picking out a baby name can be tough, to say the least. You're overwhelmed with so many options from passed down family names to names from pop culture that you just love. But since your new bundle of joy is surely going to be a little prince or princess in your eyes, why not go for a royal-inspired baby name? Royal baby names are extremely elegant and will stand the test of time , which is much better than going with a name that may be trendy right now but will be out of style in a few years. Plus royal baby names tend to lend themselves to some pretty cute nicknames.

Give your little lady a powerfully beautiful start with a name inspired by true royalty. Some might consider traditional royal names old-fashioned , but they're always represented on the popular baby name lists along with trendy new variations. The British Monarchy has gained fame throughout history as the epitome of modern-day royalty.

Royal baby names on this list are those used by the British royal family over the centuries. Included on this list are names used in the middle, as for the little princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Eugenie, Bridget, Maud, and Matilda are among the more surprising royal girl names over the centuries. With female heirs now in line for the British throne, royal girl names may be destined for greater visibility and more widespread popularity in the future. Royal names for girls you might consider include:.

Aristocratic & Royal Names

Royal names for girls are beloved for their rich history and world-class polish. From Hadria. Pure, holy. Little loved one. Alive, well. Defender of man. Man's defender; defender, protector. Of nobility. Industrious, striving; work; rival; laborious; eager.

Royal Girl Names for Your Little Princess

Back to all baby names. Inspired by the Royal family for your baby name? Want to name your newborn after the kings and queens of England? Browse our list of Royal baby names and take inspiration from these royally wonderful names.

For the average parents-to-be, choosing a moniker for your impending bundle of joy can be a source of much stress and strife.

Looking for a name for your little prince or princess? Maybe Will and Kate will pick one of these… 18 royal baby girl names 1. Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth is the current reigning monarch of Great Britain.

Royal Baby Names

When your daughter is no less than a princess, you need a name that is as royal and grand as the little girl. If you are looking for a name that has an aristocratic air to it, MomJunction has some options you can choose from. These classic and elegant names are perfect for parents looking for quaint and old-fashioned monikers for their baby.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: ROYAL BABY NAMES Prince & Princesses from history & around the world - SJ STRUM

I love a strong girl name — a name that will follow her wherever she goes in life without holding her back. Alexandria has been in rotation since as early as the 13th century and has been the moniker for several royals. If you love girl names with nicknames , check out this post! Either way, your little one will stand tall and proud with a moniker fit for royalty. This name one graced the Queen of Atlantis, making it a queenly choice.

65 Classy And Beautiful Royal Girl Names For Your Baby

Getting Pregnant. Popular links under Baby Baby Month by Month. Popular links under Toddler Toddler Month by Month. Baby Products. Get the Bump App. Royal Baby Names 49 baby names.

Jun 4, - Here are some royal names rooted in aristocracies across the world. Baby Boy Porcelain Figurine Wedding Cake Topper | Baby Girl.

The most famous royal Catherine at the moment is of course Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. It can be shortened in many ways like Lizzie, Eliza, Beth, etc.. She passed away at the age of , in Confusingly, the original English spelling is Ann and the French spelling is Anne. Her son, Henry II, later became King.

Royal Baby Names Are the Perfect Blend of Trendy and Timeless

If you're looking for baby-name inspiration, the Royal Family is always a good place to start. Not only is their family tree bursting with all-time classic names, the Royals also set the curve when it comes to naming trends. For example, after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose the name Louis for their son, BabyCenter saw a 17 percent rise in interest in the name.

29 of the best royal baby names for girls

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