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Disney channel girl meets world school dance shuffle

I first saw Boy Meets World in local syndication, at some point in the late s. At this time, the show was still producing its first run on ABC, so I caught some of these newer episodes as well. Between local and national syndication, I managed to watch every single episode several times. Because of how I watched this show, I have never seen the episodes in a perfectly consecutive order. I am also thinking that since Girl Meets World is coming… well, as of publication date there is no premiere date set.

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School Dance Shuffle

The name comes from the initials of the popular phrase " Thank God It's Friday "; however, the stars of the lineup touted the initialism meaning "Thank Goodness It's Funny. The block initially premiered on September 22, , marking one of the first attempts by a major network to brand a programming block a concept that was concurrently becoming popular among cable networks at the time of its inception , with the goal of encouraging young viewers to watch the entire lineup, instead of just a particular show.

The " TGIF " block dominated the ratings in the 18—49 demographic for most of the s. However, ratings began declining during the latter half of the decade due partly to Fridays becoming more common for social outings among segments of the block's key demographic as well as the loss and aging quality of many of the lineup's signature shows, culminating in the original incarnation ending after eleven years on September 8, On May 15, , the network announced that it would revive the block, with the third incarnation, which has launched on October 5, This newest incarnation of TGIF consisted of a mix of sitcoms and game shows.

Family-friendly comedies, which featured families with children as major characters, were a staple of ABC's programming dating back to the network's earlier sitcoms from the s onward, such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet which premiered in , Leave It to Beaver which moved to ABC in , after spending its first season on CBS , The Donna Reed Show which premiered in , The Flintstones which premiered in , but was largely an adult-oriented animated comedy until the birth of Pebbles in , The Brady Bunch which premiered in , and The Partridge Family which premiered in ; that series and The Brady Bunch became part of the Friday night lineup at that time.

Recalling his childhood when his family would gather to watch The Wonderful World of Disney , he was inspired to create a family-oriented comedy block. In , Janicek began gaining support for his concept by approaching the studios and talent of independently produced ABC shows, promoting the synergy and potential success of the family block brand.

With four ABC family-oriented comedy series on board, and the backing of network president Bob Iger , the initial lineup for the block was created. Before ABC experienced its success on that night during the s, its Friday night schedule consisted of hit comedies such as Webster which remained on Fridays until its cancellation by ABC in , only to subsequently be renewed by Paramount Television as a first-run syndicated series , Benson which would be cancelled at the end of the —86 season and Diff'rent Strokes which moved to the network in after being cancelled after six seasons by NBC, only to cancelled by ABC following its seventh and final season.

The block of predominantly family-friendly situation comedies was inaugurated in the —89 season with three series that were already part of the Friday lineup Perfect Strangers , Full House and Mr. Belvedere and a sophomore series new to that night, Just the Ten of Us a spinoff of Growing Pains , which originally aired on Tuesdays for its abbreviated first season in the spring of Since the —88 season , Perfect Strangers stars Mark Linn-Baker and Bronson Pinchot in character as Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous , respectively had been doing hosted interstitials that were conducted from the Perfect Strangers set, originally airing during the two-hour Wednesday sitcom block that their series was part of as that season began.

In March , Perfect Strangers moved to Fridays, and the interstitials went with them. On Fridays, the hosted interstitial concept gained more traction before the family-friendly concept on that night was actually implemented. Pinchot and Linn-Baker would remain the sole hosts of the Friday lineup throughout the —89 season. Moonlighting , then in its fifth season and starting to experience a considerable decline in its ratings greatly thanks to the WGA strike, which delayed the premieres of many programs set to launch or return for the fall season , was placed on a temporary hiatus by ABC in February when the network decided to add a second hour of comedy offerings onto its Tuesday schedule.

Janicek, in response, came up with the idea promote the restructured lineup under a unified brand name, Terrific Tuesday , to draw audiences to the changes, to reference the two additional sitcoms that were being offered, and especially as a nod to Who's the Boss?

The Terrific Tuesday branding was a success, and ABC urged Janicek to continue the banner name for the following season. At the time of the network upfronts that unveiled the upcoming fall schedule in May , Janicek, as well as ABC, devised the notion of further promoting their family fun-themed Fridays with a brand name. While Terrific Tuesday and What-a-Wednesday were both on tap for the —90 fall season, the Friday branding concept was to undergo a revision before September.

An opening sequence for the two-hour block was introduced, featuring animated mice against a gray background. The theme music, featuring a male vocalist and a falsetto -tuned backup chorus, sang the lyrics, "Time for fun thank goodness! The mice held up title cards containing the selected theme lyrics "Thank goodness" and "It's funny!

The sequence concludes with the older mouse breaking a grandfather clock with a mallet, which cut to the hosted interstitial. For the first time, another show's cast assumed hosting duties for the interstitials in place of the stars of Perfect Strangers. As they began their first segment, the TGIF name was officially introduced, in which its meaning, "Thank Goodness It's Funny", was re-emphasized from the theme lyrics. Coulier and Stamos also announced that a new policy, in which stars from the other three TGIF programs would rotate hosting responsibilities along with them on a week-to-week basis, would begin.

Eastern Time, with Just the Ten of Us reclaiming its time slot the following week. During the inaugural season of the format, the TGIF logo was only featured at the start of every hosted segment, appearing in a design where each letter was encased in a tall gray box as pictured to the right ; the boxes would flip in at the bottom of the screen, stand still for a few seconds, and then turn out.

One of the animated mice from the TGIF title sequences was featured on some weeks within the live-action host segments, and was introduced by the actors as the lineup's mascot, known as "Friday the Mouse". Custom bumpers would appear after the final scene of each program, where normally a short cut of the show's title logo and theme would play, denoting the final commercial break.

During the first season of TGIF , the bumpers featured additional animations of the mice, including variants that featured the taller mouse popping out of the grandfather clock, a small mouse being dragged around by a running chainsaw around it, the taller mouse walking towards the grandfather clock, thinking it over, and then backtracking, and the taller mouse popping up from the top and bottom of the screen on both sides of the show's title logo.

The official title logo for the respective program as opposed to the logo designs used mainly in network promotions for each show that were used in the block's bumpers in later years was displayed on either side of the clock. The closing animation, which ran after the credits of the program usually Just the Ten of Us , consisted of the same theme music, albeit with the lyrics, "See you next week..

One such animation involved the taller mouse holding what looked like a parade float likeness of himself, as it flies out of control and he flies around with it. Another shows the mouse walking with a blowtorch and mask on, but he doesn't know that the plug comes lose, so he angrily walks back. With the TGIF moniker permanently in place, more changes in presentation occurred as the lineup grew in popularity.

On September 21, , the animated mice opening and accompanying theme music were dropped from the Friday block, in favor of a new graphics package that officially incorporated the new TGIF name for the first time. For most of TGIF ' s run until the —99 season , at least one series on the lineup was produced and in some cases, developed by the team of Thomas L.

Miller and Robert L. Milkis under a development deal with Paramount Television — in The latter premiered in September as part of the network's Friday schedule, while the former concurrently was moved from Wednesdays to Fridays that month. In September , Family Matters — a spin-off of Perfect Strangers originally centered solely on the family of Harriette Winslow, who began as a recurring character on its parent series, before becoming centered increasingly around the breakout character of Steve Urkel starting with its second season — joined the lineup.

Going Places was cancelled after one season in spite of its ratings increase, and was replaced in the season by Baby Talk , a sitcom based on the film Look Who's Talking. Baby Talk initially scored high ratings as a mid-season replacement on TGIF in the spring of trying out in the Going Places time slot. In its second season, however, ratings collapsed. During the most successful years of TGIF , the main characters of one of the Friday prime-time sitcoms would "host" the two-hour block of episodes for that week.

Always in character, they would introduce each show and comment on the proceedings afterward. Sometimes, characters from a series that did not air on the Friday schedule would appear to host. Occasionally, the hosts for the evening would find a common thread between each show. During the fall seasons in the late s and early s, casts from various TGIF shows would host Saturday morning preview specials , which outlined much of new programs set to air on the Saturday morning fall schedule after The Walt Disney Company began programming the network's Saturday morning lineup in , following its prior acquisition of ABC, these preview specials were hosted for the remainer of TGIF ' s run by the hosts of Disney's One Saturday Morning.

When TGIF officially launched, weekly promos for the lineup were voiced by actor and resident ABC announcer Robert Ridgely , who had mainly been voicing sitcom promos, including those for Fridays, for a few years before the brand was incorporated. Veteran television personality and announcer Gary Owens , who had been with ABC since as a primetime promo voiceover, became the sole announcer for weekly TGIF promotions beginning with the —91 season.

Owens remained as the "voice of TGIF " until the end of the —95 season. During the first few years of TGIF , the host interstitials varied during the summer months. The regular hosting rotation continued with new segments during the summer of , the final months of the "mice" motif.

Instead, stars performed voiceovers for "TGIF Trivia", game-like segments made up of episode scenes and multiple-choice questions. The trivia quiz provided "A", "B" and "C" choices of events that the home viewer was supposed to choose from for a supposed "single" correct answer; in reality, all choices were correct in each round, as every scene featured was from an actual episode inclusion. For the late spring and summer of , ABC ran a promotional contest that chose winners from around the country to host TGIF for a week from their own homes.

Those that were chosen were instructed to videotape their own segments from home, giving commentary on the shows that would air on the week they were scheduled to be featured. Families, individuals, groups of friends, couples, and most prominently teenagers were among the winners. The voiceover narration format from TGIF stars returned for the late spring and summer of This time, however, a rotation of stars would simply voice previews over upcoming episode scenes.

Payton, in particular, had the distinction of having one of the weeks she did segment narrations on August 6, , when Perfect Strangers where her Family Matters character Harriette Winslow originated aired its series finale.

From to , original on-camera host segments returned to TGIF for the summer. Loosely known as The Hump , via the tagline "Over the hump! The concept title was another play on a popular catchphrase, in which Wednesday is typically referred to as " hump day " being the middle of the work week , thus making it "over the hump" toward the weekend.

The Hump concept aired for the last time on October 30, , and ABC resumed promoting the Wednesday lineup in standard fashion. Eastern slot on Wednesdays. Live-action stars of the network's Saturday morning lineup, most notably including the cast of ABC's Land of the Lost revival, hosted interstitials every half-hour.

While an opening sequence and custom last-segment show bumpers were included, the theme music used was the instrumental version of ABC's "America's Watching" campaign. Hammer himself appeared as host of MCTV on a few occasions. Hammerman was cancelled by the end of the season. In the fall of , while the MCTV branding continued in use during the Saturday morning schedule, promos for the lineup no longer referenced the "More Cool TV" tagline.

Seeing how TGIF dominated prime time on Fridays in the face of typical decreased television viewership on that night, Janicek and company felt that the same marketing power could translate into success for Saturday night. Saturday, as an even heavier social night not spent at home by viewers in the 18—49 demographic, resulted in most networks airing shows with older demographics, those with family appeal, or programs faltering in the ratings on other nights or in the most political cases, shows that a network no longer has confidence in.

NBC had claimed dominant victory on Saturday nights throughout the s and into the s, with an eclectic mix of family-themed shows and sophisticated comedies aimed at an older audience such as The Golden Girls , , Amen and Empty Nest.

ABC, however, had continued to struggle on Saturday nights. Through the end of the —91 television season, recent programs such as The ABC Mystery Movie and China Beach had experienced a quick death after moving to Saturdays, leading to such bold decisions as moving the nationwide phenomenon Twin Peaks to Saturday in order to shore up the lineup.

After reformatting the Saturday night lineup for the fall schedule to include an hour of comedy followed by another established drama and a freshman drama, ABC announced plans for a Saturday TGIF offshoot to premiere at mid-season. The newcomer that rounded out the lineup was the Steven Bochco cartoon Capitol Critters.

Eastern hour, going on a three-month hiatus. I Love Saturday Night was structured exactly like TGIF , with hosts from each show rotating every week, down to its own set of branding graphics and a theme song. The intro to the lineup began with a red ABC logo encased inside an animated heart, which bounced around, and then off, the screen. Set against various-colored backgrounds but most commonly blue , the lineup's title was then spelled out in the opening alongside views of animated suns, moons and palm trees.

The last two lines of the theme were often sung over the show bumpers that led into the last commercial break of each show. Those in the industry suspected that Perfect Strangers was moved to Saturdays not necessarily since it could have bolstered the lineup's performance, but because it was part of an ABC agenda to kill the series ABC's explanation in its move from Fridays was that it did not fit the new TGIF demographic, ages 10— Saturday night on ABC, especially up against NBC's powerhouse lineup of the evening, seemed a surefire place to send even a popular show into considerable ratings decline.

This is exactly what happened, as ratings during the entire February sweeps period were the lowest of the season for ABC that night save for The Commish , which had become successful in its first season , with Perfect Strangers experiencing the largest single-season ratings decline for a series.

After five dismal weeks in the Nielsens , ABC had a rapid loss of faith in I Love Saturday Night ; the branding concept for the Saturday lineup was used for the last time on February 29, Cast members from all three of the live-action shows hosted I Love Saturday Night in rotation during the five-week run:.

Beyond the quick demise of I Love Saturday Night , the same lineup, more or less, continued on ABC for the remainder of the —92 season. Capital Critters was cancelled in March; this caused the remaining three shows to switch slots in order to provide a choice time period for the Head of the Class spinoff Billy , which moved to the lineup Billy had previously been a part of TGIF from its January 31, premiere until March.

Boss and Pains , meanwhile, had announced the end of their runs in the spring of , but both would remain on Saturdays until summer reruns. These shows aired their one-hour finales on Saturday, April 25, , along with the series finale of MacGyver , which aired on this night for one week only. The failure of these programs, along with ABC's decision to not renew Billy for a second season and the announcement that Perfect Strangers was going on a long hiatus, marked the end of any attempt by ABC to program comedies or family fare on that night.

The Commish would run until

TGIF (TV programming block)

This article is about the city of New York. For the state of New York, see New York. It consists of five boroughs: Manhattan , Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, and is a global mecca for commerce, politics, art, culture and entertainment. It has served as a recurring backdrop for film and media since the beginning, including those produced by Disney. From the mids until , the Disney Store , later re-themed as a World of Disney , had a location on Fifth Avenue.

Unfortunately School Dance Shuffle is not available on your device. Please try one of the related games instead or visit our HTML5 category. Riley and Maya need your help in the School Dance Shuffle game!

Sign up for our Watching Newsletter to get recommendations on the best films and TV shows to stream and watch, delivered to your inbox. Of all the companies to enter the streaming wars, Disney has significant advantages with Disney Plus. It can draw from a deep vault of its own animated and live-action movies and from popular shows on its own cable networks — as well as from company properties like Marvel and Star Wars. Below is our guide to the 50 best titles on Disney Plus, arranged in reverse chronological order with an eye toward variety.

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Disney Channel Shows. Disney Shows. School Dances. Play Game Online. Online Games. Best Games. Fun Games.

Disneychannel Com Games Girl Meets World

Altamonte Springs, FL Radio Disney is proud to announce the DJ Shuffle is coming to Disney Junior — an all new music experience with music videos of your favorite songs plus an all new DJ Shuffle song. Check out this chance for Kickin It fans to meet Milton.. The actor who plays him, Dylan Snyder.

The name comes from the initials of the popular phrase " Thank God It's Friday "; however, the stars of the lineup touted the initialism meaning "Thank Goodness It's Funny. The block initially premiered on September 22, , marking one of the first attempts by a major network to brand a programming block a concept that was concurrently becoming popular among cable networks at the time of its inception , with the goal of encouraging young viewers to watch the entire lineup, instead of just a particular show.

According to information provided by 78discography. The four I know about are listed under the image of Columbia D below. Wendell W.

The 50 Best Things to Watch on Disney Plus Right Now

In Doc McStuffins: School of Medicine , a compilation of engaging Doc McStuffins stories, the many specialties in which doctors practice medicine and health care are highlighted for young kids to comprehend. In her playhouse clinic, Doc is an optometrist, helping her stuffed owl toy, Professor Hoostburgh, to see clearly again. Plus, meet some of the real-life medical experts that help keep us feeling our best.

Report sent! We will repair the game in no-time! School Dance Shuffle is yet another new and brilliant game we are very happy to provide you all with into the Girl Meets World Games category, this category of Disney Channel Games that so far has been incredibly well received, so we have no doubt at all that the same is going to be true of this new game we have for it as well, which we hope that each and every one of you check out right now, after learning how it goes from this article! This is a time management game, where Maya and Riley need your help organizing the school dance, and you are going to help them through several days, in each of them having to perform all sorts of new and different tasks. To do so, tap on the girls, and then click where you want them to go, clicking on chores buttons in order to make them happen.

New York City

Teen Beach Movie by Sarah Nathan. When teen surfers Brady and McKenzie are magically transported into a 's beach movie-inspired… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve Teen Beach Movie. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Amy tries to convince Cory that it is good that he will get to meet other girls and Amber is a dolphin at Disney World When this episode aired on Disney Channel Feeny 's line This Class Will Not Be will not be paid, those people leave Cory and Shawn to face the school dance.

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- Кто будет охранять охранников. Иными словами - кто будет охранять Агентство национальной безопасности, пока мы охраняем мир. Это было любимое изречение, которым часто пользовался Танкадо.

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 - XBOX One

Давайте попробуем.  - Он потянулся к клавиатуре.  - Мистер Беккер, пожалуйста, продиктуйте надпись. Медленно и отчетливо.

Рыжеволосая? - переспросила .

Четвертая попытка тоже не дала результата. - Пока не везет.  - Она вздохнула.  - Быть может, придется ждать, пока Дэвид не найдет копию Танкадо.

Она знала, что есть только один способ доказать свою правоту - выяснить все самой, а если понадобится, то с помощью Джаббы. Мидж развернулась и направилась к двери. Откуда ни возьмись появился Бринкерхофф и преградил ей дорогу. - Куда держишь путь. - Домой! - солгала Мидж. Бринкерхофф не уходил с дороги. - Это тебе велел Фонтейн? - спросила .

За этой дверью находился один из самых великих людей, которых ей довелось знать. Пятидесятишестилетний коммандер Стратмор, заместитель оперативного директора АНБ, был для нее почти как отец. Именно он принимал ее на работу, именно он сделал АНБ для нее родным домом.

Когда десять лет назад Сьюзан поступила в агентство, Стратмор возглавлял Отдел развития криптографии, являвшийся тренировочной площадкой для новых криптографов, криптографов мужского пола.

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