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Dream meaning boyfriend fighting

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Last Updated on Feb 4, They also give insights into the areas you need to work on and outside influences that may be making it harder for you to accomplish your goals. For instance, if you dream that someone else is attacking you and trying to fight you, and you try to run and hide from them, this is an indication that you feel helpless in the face of your struggles, and that your way of coping right now is to try to escape. On the other hand, if you respond to attackers by fighting back and winning, this is a positive indication that you feel capable of taking on the struggles in your life, that you feel in control of yourself and your circumstances, and that you feel you can affect your circumstances to gain the outcomes you want. Fighting dreams are often symbolic of the battle between our moral beliefs and our sexual desires or our intellect and our emotions.

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Dreams about war / fight – what do they mean? (Dream interpretation war / fight)

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Are you having dreams about fighting? Has your mind conjured up imagery of you getting into a fistfight? Is the person you are sparring with a stranger or someone you know? One of the most common types of dreams, particularly for men, relates to fighting. The reason? Now before we dive too deep, you have a right to know who is penning this piece.

In short, psycho-spirituality is the merging traditional psychology with spirituality. Nobody can say for certain what a given dream means.

That said, what can happen is an exploration of the material in your dreams, which heavily pulls on dream symbols. One major reason you may be dreaming about fighting someone relates to a deep subconscious struggle. Examples include making a difficult decision about a relationship or work. Internal struggles can be short-term or long-term.

If by nature, you are an indecisive person, this type of dream imagery tends to pop up more frequently. Deeply held fears are often at the root of fighting dreams.

For example, if you are afraid of a secret being exposed or worried about a specific issue, like someone cheating on you, your mind may project a villain to fight against. Bear in mind that fear and anxiety are not the same. Anxiety is the engine behind fear. The subconscious has a way of processing and discharging what the conscious mind cannot.

This allows for the psychological process known as catharsis. Do you have any phobias? An example might be an intense fear of rats or a parlaying reaction to spiders. If the answer is yes, your mind may be conjuring up imagery that matches your phobia.

For example, if you fear rats, your subconscious may project a scene where you are fighting one with the goal of building up confidence. Some people have horrible fighting dreams that contain scary creatures. Examples include monsters, wild animals, and even ghosts. In many cases, the person having the dream is dealing with some type of illness. The creature being fought in the dream is symbolic of the condition. There are more ways a fight scene can manifest in a dream then I can shake a stick at.

What follows are several scenarios that people typically experience. One of the most effective ways to better understand your dreams is to keep a dream journal.

A simple notebook will work just fine. Some people find that recording material helps to reinforce journal keeping. You can find these types of tools online, like Amazon. If you happen to be in psychotherapy or thinking about it , having a journal may be beneficial to you and your therapist.

Did you know there is such a thing as dream therapy? Yep, there is. You can learn more about this via this link. In addition to the journal, it may be a good idea to study dream symbolism. This will allow you to better understand what some of the images you are seeing mean. You can find many dream interpretation books online or at chain bookstores.

See Amazon for price. Most of us experience this type of situation at some point or another. It is best to think of your dreams as portals to the unseen. Consider them a gift — a pathway to your inner you. Find your purpose and get women in your life Does it ever happen to you that as soon as you have a girlfriend, there is an endless amount of girls going after you? Like, even […]. The meaning of tigers in dreams Did you dream about a tiger?

If so, you might ponder what made such a beautiful, and possibly terrifying creature stroll into your night-time imaginings. All animals you encounter […]. Dreaming About Your Crush Are you dreaming about your crush? For reasons you do not understand, do you have vivid dreams about a guy or girl you have been crushing on. In some of your […]. Copyright Guy Counseling. All Rights Reserved. See Disclaimer. Why am I Dreaming About Fighting? Share this:. Dream Analysis Dream Interpretation Dreams.

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Dreams about Fighting – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about arguing with someone you know usually signify some issues regarding the relationship you have with that person. Dreams about arguments with your boyfriend often have the same meaning. If you dreamed about having an argument with your boyfriend, most likely, there are some problems in your relationship.

To dream that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and mold your own life regardless of what other people might think. So long as you respect other people's rights and spaces, you could pursue your own idea of happiness and success.

It is considered that dreams about fighting usually symbolize inner conflicts in ourselves. When we are struggling with our own emotions and difficult life situations, then we are more likely to dream about fighting. Also, there are many other reasons why we dream about fighting. Fighting dreams can have many different meanings, depending on many factors, such as a surrounding context of a dream and also many details that appear in a dream. It is important to remember of all the details that you have seen in your dream about fighting, if you want to interprete it correctly.

Dreams About Fighting – Interpretation and Meaning

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. It could be that you are avoiding an argument or that you feel that you are not being treated fairly. Perhaps your boyfriend was acting nasty towards you or others or he just wanted to reconcile and you hoped to get along better. Sometimes this can transmit into a dream state. Obviously, I will say that conflict in waking life can lead to a strain on the relationship and also create stress. If you are having arguments with your boyfriend in real life it is not uncommon to dream of conflict. If the disagreement in your dream ended up in a shouting match then this dream can indicate that there are pent-up feelings inside.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fighting Someone

Your emotions could be running wild courtesy of the difficult situation that you could be facing in life. Fighting dreams have various meanings which often depend on many factors. For a more accurate interpretation of your fighting dream, it is important to remember as much as you can about the dream. Why would you dream about fighting?

Are you having dreams about fighting?

Often this will be a picture of one of two things: a battle between aspects of yourself that dispute, or an image of some aggressiveness that you pursue too much or too little of in your waking life. This conflict has probably been around almost as long as there is something that has been called civilization — if not even longer. That is different parts of your personality that dispute, which is something you should be able to know about in your waking life if you dream about it. At the same time that you dream about war or a fight, can also be a picture of you being angry at someone without having expressed it.

Dream about Fighting & Fighting dreams meaning

Answer 11 questions about your dream to get matched with similar dreams and their interpretations from our huge database. Answer 11 questions about your dream to hear how the most similar dreams from our database were interpreted. Listen to exclusive Dreamcasts about dreams, dream symbols, dream interpretation, occurrences during sleep and sleep disorders. Post your dream for our members to interpret, explore dreams like yours, or help others understand their dreams.

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What Do Dreams About Fighting Mean?

Dreaming about fights is one of the dreams that many people often have. Fighting in dreams can vary, and most commonly, it is the result of trauma in your life, heartache, severe bickering, or even periods of insomnia. However, if this is not the case, the following article will help you find out what your dreams mean. This kind of dream is not always a bad sign, and it can also be a sign that you are going through many drastic changes. Something is bothering you in some of your lives. There are many interpretations, and it all depends on whether you are involved, whether you only watch scenes of violence in conflict. Stay tuned and find out what dreams about fights mean!

If you had a dream about arguing with your boyfriend, then this dream symbolizes your desire to express hidden emotions to your partner. There is something deep.

Arguing with your boyfriend can be something that happens on regular basis or sometimes. Whenever it happens it is definitely not pleasant, even if it is only in our dreams. As a symbol in a dream it can be both good and bad, depending on other things that were going on in your dream. It is important to remember other things in your dream, other symbols, because they add their part when we interpret dreams. If you had a dream about arguing with your boyfriend, then this dream symbolizes your desire to express hidden emotions to your partner.

Dream About Fighting

To dream of fighting represents conflict and confrontation. Inner struggle with difficult emotions, with other people, or life situations. Resistance or trying to prove yourself. Experiencing intense bitterness or jealousy.

Fighting Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Fighting is a common dream symbol. Dreams about you fighting someone or seeing someone fight are usually disturbing. They often symbolize some influences and circumstances blocking your progress and preventing you from moving forward towards your goals.

Participating in a fight or merely observing it is not a dish of good taste , even in dreams. If you are sick, it may get worse, or you may become unhinged.

To dream that you are in a fight suggests that you have upheaval within yourself. You are dealing with some issues that are causing you guilt or conflict. You may have been trying to bury some part of you that is fighting to be heard. This dream could also represent a real life altercation you are enduring.

The dream used the metaphor of a physical fight for all the heightened emotions involved in this argument. So we can actually translate the "fight" into the words "a bitter confrontation" which appeared in the dreamers thoughts in the following context "She had this bitter argument with this guy on the internet and I tried calming her down. I tried pointing out the other persons side but I did not want to get too involved as I feared that she would turn on me. There had been continual bickering. Dreams will often use more extreme symbols - in this case an actual physical fight to portray an argument.

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