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If you are unable to find an LMC midwife, preferably contact us via our online form or if needed phone us on Find MW Leave a message and we will ring you back. If you know your NHI hospital number please state it when contacting us. You may register with an LMC as soon as you become pregnant.

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How to Choose a Midwife

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Are you a home birth midwife in New Zealand not listed here? All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives. Check out our your home birth page for advice and guidance on choosing a midwife, or read about the maternity system in New Zealand here. Having a student midwife at your birth is a wonderful opportunity for them as future midwives, as well as for you and your whanau.

It is great to have an extra pair of hands helping out with your birth, student midwives can do everything from supporting your midwife, to bringing a cuppa and the hot cloths. It is so important that our future midwives get to witness and actively participate in home birth. Having a student midwife at your birth may be the single most powerful thing you can do to normalise birthing at home.

Find your student midwife. Must've absolutely killed her back, but she did the mahi without a whisper of a complaint. Your Midwife. Use our database of home birth midwives to find someone you can build a partnership with for your birth All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives.

Midwife Database. Not sure how to decide which midwife is right for you and your family? Have you considered having a student midwife at your birth? Previous Next.

Midwives at MAMA

Midwives have an important role in improving health outcomes in our communities. They understand that every childbearing woman deserves to give birth within a safe and supported environment for herself and her baby. Find Your Midwife is a new website service that allows women to quickly and easily find an available midwife in their area. If you log onto the website www.

The Midwifery Council does not employ or recommend midwives, we do hold the Register of Midwives. Simply type in the name of your midwife, and the Register will show if they have a current practising certificate and other information such as their qualifications and any conditions on their practice. In New Zealand, registration is for life, so midwives remain in the Register even when they are not practising.

Welcome to the official site of the New Zealand College of Midwives, the professional organisation for midwives. The College is governed by a National Board comprising a number of nominated and elected representatives from throughout New Zealand. As a member of the College you have the opportunity to contribute to all the representations the College makes to government, health organisations, consumer groups and the public. The College encourages and values individual member input very highly. You can also take an active role in supporting your local and regional midwifery community including joining with consumers and their organisations to support initiatives that enhance the lives of mothers and babies.

Thousands of women unable to find midwife for Christmas holiday births

A lead maternity carer LMC is responsible for your care throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth. Your chosen LMC may provide all maternity care, or may share care with one or more practitioners. I just found out I'm pregnant, what now? What is an LMC? Together they will care for you during your pregnancy, birth, and when you are at home with your baby. A private obstetrician charges a fee. Having a private obstetrician does not mean you will get private care if you birth at Auckland Hospital.

For Midwives

Are you looking for a place to have your baby, trying to find a midwife, wanting to book an antenatal class, or a relaxed environment for your postnatal stay? Birthcare provides excellent 24 hour care and support for new mums, dads and their babies. We aim to make your birth experience the best that it can be. We offer flexible choices so you decide what suits you best.

When you first look for a midwife, it can be confusing as midwives are all different.

These midwives provide full continuity of midwifery care to pregnant women during pregnancy, labour, birth and for 4 — 6 weeks after birth. All Midwifery care is fully subsidized for NZ citizens and residents and holders of current 2 year work visas. These midwives are self-employed so manage their own bookings you will need to contact them directly if you want to make an appointment to register with one of them.

Your Midwife

Our social worker works alongside pregnant women to connect them to services which can assist and empower them. Our midwife will inform you of your choices for maternity care which are to be with one of our community midwives who provide will look after you during your pregnancy and for up to 6 weeks after your baby is born. When you are in labour, the midwives at the birthing unit or hospital will look after you and support you to birth your baby.

Eddy said Waikato, Auckland and rural areas were particularly affected. Local authorities put a pooling system in place to address the shortage, but hospitals around the country are also facing midwife shortages. More and more women will be unable to find a midwife if this crisis is not urgently addressed," she said. A friend recommended her midwife, but she initially said no too. She took pity on me and agreed to take me on.

How to find a midwife

Many women choose to have an independent self-employed midwife as their lead maternity carer LMC. It's a good idea to start looking for a midwife as soon as you confirm you are pregnant. They will then organise your maternity care, deliver your baby and visit you for the first 6 weeks after the birth. Expect to answer questions on the phone. These are likely to include:.

If you live in the Central Auckland area and are planning to give birth at twins – there'll be a midwife @ MAMA who can support your choices.

Are you a home birth midwife in New Zealand not listed here? All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives. Check out our your home birth page for advice and guidance on choosing a midwife, or read about the maternity system in New Zealand here.

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