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Getting ex girlfriend back stories

When you first broke up, you may have never thought you'd consider getting back together — or maybe you did. But if you're now wondering, "Should I get back with my ex? For example, Justin Bieber got engaged to his then-ex and now-wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber after they'd broken up and dated other people. And their history was likely part of the reason they were almost instantly engaged once they got back together. And they were far from the first couple realize they'd already found true love when they got back together with their ex. Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine and model Behati Prinsloo were also exes before eventually getting married.

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Do You Even Have A Chance With Your Ex Girlfriend (Video)

By Chris Seiter. Anyways, I decided that I am going to change things up a bit today. Usually I post these long guides but this week instead I am going to be giving you a video! If you even have a chance—just leave it. So, about a month ago, I was searching online for obviously, things about exes and I came across this really interesting article on Yahoo!

It was actually poll that was done by associate press and they had a pretty shocking statistic in there.

They said that four out of every ten people get back with their ex boyfriends. So, it got me to thinking, what about my own success stories? What about the people who come to ex-girlfriend recovery? The people who succeed there? So, my intention with this video is to give you a better idea in your own personal situation if you even have a chance.

Do you have a chance of getting your ex back? You know, just the evidence backing up you have a chance is over whelming. There was a study done by scientists where they hooked up brain scanners to people who have recently gone through breakups and what they did was they showed pictures of their ex to them and monitored their brain activity. What they found was really shocking. The parts of the brain that lit up were the same parts of the brain that lit up when a cocaine addict was going through a withdrawal.

So, you can always leverage that if you want a chance to get your back. At the beginning of this video, I mentioned that I did an independent study by myself on the success stories that came through my website, ex girlfriend recovery. And I learned some pretty fascinating things specifically what kind of situations had the best success rate.

Absolutely not. So, obviously this has come to a shock to no one, the most successful success story that we had on ex girlfriend recovery were just general breakups. Cheating, him cheating on her, her cheating on him, we had a lot of success stories which shocked me but not as much as this next one. Him —or rather her moving onto someone else, third most successful success story and finally long distance relationships.

So, right there we have three situations that most people think are impossible to recover from yet, my study showed there are actually pretty decent chance. Now, how do I assess this myself?

What are your chances of getting your ex back? No matter how difficult your situation may be, you may still have a chance. Find Out Now. Without a doubt, the most traffic that we have coming to ex-girlfriend recovery are people going through general breakups and just need general advice on how to get their exes back. Obviously not. If the second most succeeded in situation that we have is cheating, you can obviously succeed.

You will have to do certain things. I actually have a video talking about that. And when I say a long distance relationship, I mean we were literally across the country from each other, miles.

You have to have three things in order for a long distance relationship to work out. The first thing is you need to have money. Last time I checked, it cost money to travel to visit someone long distance. Obviously plane tickets costs a lot of money. Now, the second thing that you need is time. One thing that I really had in my favor when it came to my relationship with my wife, then girlfriend at that time was, the fact that I had all the time in the world because I make my own schedule.

I work for myself. And finally the third thing is you really need to have a plan. It takes two people to make the plan work. My wife and I in this case we moved in together after 6 months but it took a long time to get there.

We had to look for apartments, we had to kind of feel through it and figure out it was the right decision for us. Do they have a better chance than cheating and a girl moving on to another guy? Absolutely, without a doubt. I feel I would be lying to you if I told you otherwise. One of the biggest mistakes that I see people making nowadays is they enter into trying to get an ex girlfriend back kind of half asked a little bit.

You need to be full into this thing. You need to be committed to this thing. I can live with myself. Hey, thanks for watching this video to the end. If you want to support us in the ex girlfriend recovery family. Please subscribe to this channel.

Please like our videos or just get involved with us. And of course, if you want to learn anything more about getting your ex girlfriend back, please visit www. You can find the link in the description. Bad Breakup. Dating Your Ex Girlfriend. Friend Zone. Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend. Hot And Cold. I Cheated. I Miss Her. Long Distance. Make Her Love Me Again. Mistakes Men Make. Rebound Relationships. She Cheated. She's Distant. She's Ignoring Me. Social Media. The No Contact Rule.

Products About Quiz Contact. Did you have a good weekend? I did so I hope you did! Exciting, right? Check it out! Transcript Chris: Burp! Jenifer: You better not put that in. Take the quiz. Popular posts 1. Recent posts 11 May.

Can someone share their success stories

To help you understand how it happens and why, here are 3 stories of ex girlfriends coming back to their boyfriend. In the beginning, it was fun because it was a new relationship and they were kissing, having sex and getting to know each other. Yet, over time, she began to notice that rather than building on her feelings for him by continuing to display the kind of behavior that she found attractive , he started behaving in unattractive ways, which then caused her feelings for him to erode. Is it possible for him to change, or is he more likely to remain stuck behaving in those ways and maybe even get worse?

I recommend that you read this post until the end. I was once in your shoes.

Eight women share the success and failures of going back to familiar territory. The pattern was basically months together, he would break things off after a fight, months apart, then he would contact me and we would get back together. I went back every time because it always felt like things ended prematurely. That three-month mark is right when you slide out of the honeymoon period and into the real deal - when you start dealing with relationship issues and grow closer because of it.

6 Women Reveal Their Reasons To Get Back With An Ex, Proving That Everyone Is Different

So, when a guy behaves in ways that turn a woman off during a relationship e. Initially, she may try to convince him to change by dropping hints about his behavior or throwing tantrums to show him how upset and unhappy she is with the relationship. For example: A guy got broken up with by his woman because he was jealous and controlling in the relationship with her. He was clinging to her and acting like a controlling bully by forbidding her to go out with her friends, or accusing her of cheating or wanting to cheat every time she interacted with another guy, e. To show her that he had changed and regain her trust, the man called her and invited her to a meet up. I think I need more time. However, rather than get disheartened and give up, the man simply focused on sparking her feelings of respect and attraction for him by making her smile, laugh and feel happy to be talking to him over the phone. So, at the meet up, she pretended to be interested in getting back together with him one minute, and then acted cold and indifferent the next minute to see how he would react. Rather than being insecure and emotionally weak like he would of in the past, he remained confident and simply smiled and laughed at her behavior and then continued to interact with her. She was testing to see if he would react like his old self by getting jealous, angry or throwing a tantrum at her.

No Contact Rule Success Stories

While adding themselves to the list of no contact success stories, they also learn a valuable lesson. If you want to know how to make your ex miss you , you need to look no further than the space you need to give them and the silence that is necessary as well. My boyfriend had broken up with me and I honestly thought he was gone for good. I thought Coach Lee would tell me some secret thing to say or some way to remind him of a story involving us that might re-spark his feelings for me. I was taken back when Coach Lee suggested I not contact him at all.

To post a reply login or register. But I would really like to hear some success stories.

It's an all-too-familiar thought exercise: Missing an ex in the wake of a breakup, you fantasize about what you could do to win them back, whether that's sharing more of their interests or flying across the world to plead your case. The 14 people ahead actually went to the lengths they imagined to get back their exes. With help from the location-based social network Yik Yak , Cosmopolitan. But in the end it all paid off because it worked!

How I Got My Ex Back

Breaking up with someone isn't always an easy decision. Usually, there are a lot of emotions involved, and maybe even some doubts about whether to even go through with it. But, after you've broken up, you may be tempted to get back together.

By Chris Seiter. Anyways, I decided that I am going to change things up a bit today. Usually I post these long guides but this week instead I am going to be giving you a video! If you even have a chance—just leave it. So, about a month ago, I was searching online for obviously, things about exes and I came across this really interesting article on Yahoo!

3 Stories of Ex Girlfriends Coming Back to Their Boyfriend

I first met Mary during a class project in college in I thought she was cute and bold; she shook my hand and said she knew me from a play I had acted in a year back. She thought my face looked interesting. Not handsome, just interesting. I played a meth addict. We texted incessantly for a month and went on our first date to an ice cream festival called The Scooper Bowl.

Jul 14, - Want to know how to get your ex back? Jeremy Glass and his girlfriend broke up and got back together three times. Now they're engaged.

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14 People Reveal the Most Intense Thing They Tried to Win Back an Ex

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Getting an Ex Back: 5 Success Stories

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