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Girl and boy kiss sketch

Kiss sketch - stock images and illustrations. Photos kiss cartoon. Illustrations kiss cartoon. Vector design of a kissing emoticons. Kissing emoticon cartoon.

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Stock Photo - Boy kissing pretty girl cartoon character pencil sketch design black and white color.

Today we will show you how to draw 2 people kissing. These young man looks like he is in love with this young woman and they are sharing a romantic kiss. He is holding her face while he kisses her, which shows deep affection. Have fun! Step 5 Lightly draw 3 lines on each head…these are two help you place the facial features later…they are guidelines. Start drawing his jaw.

Step 7 Draw the inner ear on the man. Draw the eye lid on each person. Step 8 Draw the forehead on each figure. Draw her nostril which is a sideways 2 shape.

Draw a line under her nose. Step 9 Draw lines for her eye brows. Draw lines for her eye lashes as well. Draw a curved line at the back of her nose. Draw a curved line for his lip. Draw lines for his eye lashes. Step 10 Draw a line for each of their jaws. Draw little lines for his eye brows…also draw the line for the top of his nose…the line on his eye and the curved line for his cheek bone.

Also draw the half circle on the top of her hat. Step 11 Start lightly sketching out his hand…it is made up of rectangles. Step 12 Lightly sketch out his arms, his knuckles ovals , and the ends of his fingers rectangles. Step 15 Outline the hand that you just draw the guides for…the guides should help you draw it without any problems. Draw a curved line for his sleeve and scarf. Step 16 Draw curved line to finish off the scarf.

Draw his shoulder and part of his collar. Draw one of the curved lines of his sleeve. Draw details on his hand and her hat. Step 17 Draw curved lines on his scarf and collar…Draw parts of his arm and sleeve, as well as hers. Add more details to his hand. Step 18 Finish up their coats.

Draw a line along his jaw-line. Add a light shade of your pencil to where the hair will be. Step 19 Finish up her sleeve and coat. Start adding different lines to his head for hair. Step 20 Add lines to his entire head for hair. His hair is going in all different directions…but for each grouping of hair, stay in the same direction.

Then move on to different groupings of hair and do the same thing. It will start looking a lot like hair if you do this. Start drawing her hair as well.

Step 22 Add shading to the bridge of their nose, beside their eyes. Also add shade in her nostril and under her nose and his lip. Technorati Tags: how to draw a kiss , how to draw kissing , how to draw two people kissing , drawing kisses , drawing kissing , love , drawing love. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Step 2 Lightly draw 2 ovals…one on each side of the heart. Step Draw the jaw-line on each head. Step 13 Lightly sketch out his shoulder and back. Step 14 And hers as well. Step 21 Add some shading to his chin. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Kiss sketch - stock images and illustrations

Today we will show you how to draw 2 people kissing. These young man looks like he is in love with this young woman and they are sharing a romantic kiss. He is holding her face while he kisses her, which shows deep affection. Have fun!

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Boy And Girl Kiss Sketch

The Kiss in German Der Kuss is an oil-on-canvas painting with added gold leaf , silver and platinum. It was painted at some point in and , during the height of what scholars call his "Golden Period". The painting depicts a couple embracing each other, their bodies entwined in elaborate beautiful robes decorated in a style influenced by the contemporary Art Nouveau style and the organic forms of the earlier Arts and Crafts movement. Love, intimacy, and sexuality are common themes found in Gustav Klimt's works. Both works are precursors to The Kiss and feature the recurring motif of an embracing couple. Gustav Klimt depicts the couple locked in an intimate embrace against a gold, flat background. The two figures are situated at the edge of a patch of flowery meadow that ends under the woman's exposed feet.

28+ Love Drawings Templates

Here you are! Most Downloads Size Popular. Views: Images: 38 Downloads: Likes: Anime Boy Kiss Girl

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Easy potrait sad girl drawing step by step. This is a couple that is starting out in their relationship which is why they are so happy looking. Anime boy and girl kissing drawing easy. Welcome to pin koro youtube thank you for the visit.

boy and girl sketches

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How to Draw Two People Kissing Step by Step

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Kiss Sketch of Boy and Girl. sunainamalik (43) in #drawing • 2 years ago. Kiss Sketch of Boy and Girl jpg. #art #life #nature #sketch. 2 years ago in #drawing.

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Boy And Girl Kissing Drawing

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Guy Kissing A Girl Drawing

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