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How to find a user profile on reddit

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. For Redditors as its users are called , it's a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of the internet, participate in open discussions around shared interests, get answers from highly engaged niche communities, and, of course, perpetuate memes. Reddit is an entirely different world compared to Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you might spend your time online. Want to learn more about how social media can help drive sales?

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How to Use Reddit: The Definitive Guide for Beginners

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. For Redditors as its users are called , it's a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of the internet, participate in open discussions around shared interests, get answers from highly engaged niche communities, and, of course, perpetuate memes.

Reddit is an entirely different world compared to Facebook, Twitter or wherever else you might spend your time online. Want to learn more about how social media can help drive sales? Download our free, curated list of high-impact articles.

We'll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Get started. The first thing you need to understand is that Reddit thrives on anonymity, but it's kept in check by transparency. Speaking and engaging freely with others is how you get the most out of Reddit.

Creating an account is easy enough. All you need is a username and password—you only need to enter your email if you want to verify your account for long-term use. For this reason, it's not uncommon for users to have one or two "main" accounts that they rely on and several "throwaway accounts" that are only used once or in certain situations.

You can sort all the posts within a subreddit by Hot, New, Rising, Controversial, and Top submissions. Upvote : A positive vote that indicates a post or comment contributes value to the subreddit or discussion.

These points are awarded based on the upvotes you get from your actions on Reddit, and only exist to give the community a sense of your legitimacy and experience as a Redditor. Reddit Gold : A premium Reddit membership with additional features that can be bought for yourself or awarded to users who you think have made a significant contribution to Reddit.

Mod Moderator : An account that polices the subreddit to make sure its rules are being followed with special permissions to ban and remove users, posts, and comments as they see fit. This is considered the proper way to share something across multiple subreddits.

Repost : Posting something that has already been posted in that subreddit. Try to avoid this by searching the subreddit to see if your link has already been shared. Many people use Reddit this way. A user can have several accounts made for different occasions. IRL in real life : Synonymous with the offline world and refers to your actual experiences outside of your online Reddit identity. This is usually found in the post's title to warn people before they click the link.

Shadow Banning : Since a person with a banned account can just go make another one, "shadow banning' is a special punishment where the user is unaware that they are banned because, instead of having their account shut down, all of their future posts are essentially made invisible to everyone else. Flair : Added as part of your display name within a specific subreddit some are defined by the mods, and some let you create your own.

Sometimes the subreddit's rules will require you to use a Flair to indicate you are a specific type of poster. By no means is this a comprehensive list, nor should you expect to grasp it all right away, but it's a good resource to refer back to as you get to know Reddit.

Online etiquette is important wherever you post online. When you post something, ask yourself if it's relevant to the subreddit and do a quick search to see if it's already been posted there. When you upvote, downvote, or comment on someone's post, consider how it's benefiting the greater good of the subreddit. It's best to assume each subreddit is different from the next and to take some time to get to know the rules and posting behavior of each one before contributing.

Ignoring the rules can get your post deleted or get you banned from the subreddit. There are two types of submissions you can make on Reddit although certain subreddits might limit themselves to just one or the other :. Before you submit, however, be sure to use Reddit's search feature to make sure you're not reposting an existing post Redditors frown upon this.

You can find tips here on how to get specific with your searches. Timing, the text you write, and the subreddit you submit to all play a role in gaining traction on Reddit.

Get enough upvotes and comments in a short amount of time, and your post could end up at the top of the subreddit and then eventually the front page of Reddit where millions of people will see it. Since Reddit embraces anonymity and having multiple accounts is common among users, the Karma system is how Reddit establishes credibility.

The more Karma you have, the more seriously Reddit will take you. But there are two kinds: Post karma and Comment Karma. You get Post Karma for the upvotes you get on posts and Comment Karma for the upvotes you get on your comments, so it's a good idea to be active in the comments of your own submissions and in posts by others.

You can also lose Karma if your individual posts or comments are irrelevant and get enough downvotes for the count to fall below zero. There's no easy way to build Karma on Reddit. You'll need to consistently contribute to Reddit in meaningful ways. However, there are strategies to help you get going:. To help you see more success with your posting on Reddit, I highly recommend the following free tools to up your Reddit game.

It basically gives you some of the features of the premium Reddit Gold membership and more for free. Reddit Insight : Track the status of a post in real-time from the amount of Karma to the number of comments. With it, you can basically watch a post go viral moment-by-moment. Reddit Later : Find the best time and day to post to a specific subreddit and schedule your posts to go out at that time.

This is invaluable insight for giving your posts the best chance of getting seen. Reddit's community puts a lot of effort into protecting its integrity. Users will go out of their way to vet suspicious activity by browsing the account's posting history to gauge its authenticity. Reddit generally hates shameless marketing, self-promotion, URL shorteners, and anything that makes you seem like you're only using Reddit as a place to sell your products or services. Once you've built up some Karma and a decent posting history, you can begin harnessing Reddit to grow and improve your business.

Advertising on Reddit is probably among one of the safest ways to market your products on Reddit. With Reddit ads, you can target people based on the subreddits they've subscribed to, which lets you get in front of some very specific, super-passionate niches.

Brands both small and large should consider monitoring Reddit for brand mentions and replying to them. There's a lot of people on Reddit asking about potential purchases, airing complaints about companies, and other things you'll want to keep an eye out for. Reddit might not like marketing, but it does like authenticity.

For a lot of entrepreneurs, their business is an extension of their life and it won't come across as inauthentic to share it in certain contexts.

Ask Me Anything. AMAs are conducted by regular folks, like this car salesman , all the way up to Steve Wozniak , the co-founder of Apple. As long as you can position yourself as someone with unique insight, Reddit will have some good questions to ask. By subscribing to the subreddits that relate to the niche you're selling in, you'll get a steady stream of top quality content to curate: articles, videos , GIFs and more.

Like any social network , you can also use Reddit to find and hire specific talent. If you're looking for someone who lives near you to hire full time, you can post about the job in your city or region's subreddit e. Or you can post in the subreddits dedicated to the skills you need e. Depending on the subreddit, you can ask its subscribers to give you feedback about your website or product idea.

Be careful and transparent about doing this in non-business related subreddits, especially when you are a new user. Running a content can be a good way to engage a subreddit in a way that contributes value through engagement. If you want to run a contest or giveaway, you can reach out to the mods of a subreddit you can find them in the sidebar and work out an arrangement. But once you've subscribed and contributed to a few subreddits, and understand how to find the discussions you want, it becomes a great source of value in your life where you can freely ask your questions to a community of enthusiasts, learn new things every day, and contribute front page worthy posts.

Reddit won't always make sense. It can be hard to familiarize yourself with the site when every subreddit has its defined rules and inside jokes, each carving out its own unique corner of the internet. But that's what makes it so great. Braveen Kumar is part of the content team at Shopify where he develops resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify. Email address. Your store name. Create your store. Reddit is a website with two reputations. But there are plenty of reasons to put some time into learning how to use Reddit.

This subreddit isn't even among the top weirdest things you'll find on Reddit. Get the free reading list. Get our Social Media Marketing Tactics reading list delivered right to your inbox. Almost there: please enter your email below to gain instant access. Email address Get updates. Thanks for subscribing. A Glossary of Reddit Terms Upvote : A positive vote that indicates a post or comment contributes value to the subreddit or discussion.

Email Start free trial. About the author Braveen Kumar Braveen Kumar is part of the content team at Shopify where he develops resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

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How to Use Reddit: For Beginners and Business Owners

Well, it has more than 1. But what is Reddit?! Why is Reddit so hard to define? This article will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Thursday, July 25, Social media platforms have a lot of positive impacts on its users but sometimes these networking hubs can also be a platform of depression and stress for some users. People can be traumatized by creepy followers on these social apps.

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Reddit’s new update solves user’s major problem of anonymous followers

Promotion is important for all types of businesses. The advancement of technology enables the development of new social networks for promotion. It is not only a convenience but also a necessity to be present on new channels. Such a platform is Reddit , a fast-growing network for browsing user-generated content. In this article, we will talk more about it and how to use it to promote your business. Reddit is an opensource website that encourages users to create communities, post content, vote on links and share comments. In particular, it is a social news platform that allows users to discuss content. Also, they can vote on content that other users have submitted. This online community allows users to discover, categorize, and share useful information. Users get karma by their comments and links being up-voted by others in the community.

How to Use Reddit: For Beginners and Business Owners

Looking for the best way to search Reddit users? Keep reading. For example, if you know the username you are searching Reddit for is karusu88 , this will open that profile. For more information on this, check the Reddit Wiki Search page. Another way to search for link submissions and comments is, of course, through Google and the site operator.

Reddit is no stranger to controversy.

Redective is a simple tool that searches the profile for a Reddit user and automatically tabulates and displays all of the data it can find. Whitelist Redective and reddit. The main culprit I have found is ' Disconnect '.

How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently – 2020 Update

Reddit is a place of interactions and if the wrong interactions are made or an act of fraud or spamming is perceived by the website then, such an account can be penalized. Learn how to control your username on this social giant. Reddit has decided to make a few changes to its website to keep it at the top in terms of quality.

We're in an age where the newspaper is gradually inching towards extinction as more and more people One of them is an old fogey, so you might of already heard of it by Read More out on the Internet. Some of those people like it so much that they even create their own web apps and phone apps The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store for Looking for the best Android apps for your phone or tablet? Here's our comprehensive list of the best apps for Android. Read More to use the site in much more creative ways.

What is Reddit? The Ultimate Quickstart Guide for 2020

Reddit is something you might have heard about, visited a time or two, or read about online. Someone unfamiliar with the website may find themselves asking how to use Reddit. This guide aims to give beginners the information they need to get started. It includes the basics for creating an account, participating, and answers common questions about the website. It combines all of those things into a website with seemingly endless communities based on topics ranging from extremely broad such as news to extremely niche such as beekeeping. The answer to this question depends on how you want to use Reddit. If you only want to browse Reddit, then the answer is no, you do not need to create an account.

Reddit Investigator. Redditor Name: OK. Home Sign in/Register Pro About FAQ.

Reddit is a massively popular social media site, centered around sharing links and photos. Reddit users, also known as "Redditors," tend to be devoted users of the website. If you're a Redditor who finds a fellow Reddit user in the wild, be sure to grab their exact username. Because unlike some sites, Reddit doesn't have any sort of directory where you can find a specific user you're looking for. Here are two ways to find a user on Reddit , using an internet browser on your Mac or PC, and the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

How to Change Reddit Username

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How to find a user on Reddit in 2 ways, and see their complete posting history

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Reddit OSINT Techniques

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How to Promote Your Business on Reddit

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