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How to get any girl to approach you

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Without the right tools, you will never make it past boring small talk. Otherwise you will procrastinate and give up. Be honest and state your intentions. Do you want to hang out sometime? Instead, face your fears now.

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How to Make Women Approach You... in 5 Easy Steps

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You are an awesome human being. You and I know that. They have never met you and have no prior knowledge about you. Or can they? We communicate non-stop.

Whether we like it or not. Our appearance, body language, mimic, and behavior tell a story to outside observers. And this story can make you or break you before the first word is spoken. When I was in the Austrian equivalent of high-school, I used to dress as stylish as possible. I was so wrong… so, so wrong!

What I did communicate through my expensive clothing was that I had a good fashion sense. I also communicated that I probably compensated for something. Either a spoiled kid of wealthy parents, a poser, or someone with serious self-esteem issues.

I was guilty of the second and third. As an unpleasant byproduct, many girls thought I was gay and were surprised when I interpreted their compliments as signs of romantic interest.

Through this painful experience, I learned that your looks can give others a ton of info about you. For example:. Just take guys in uniform. A firefighter tells you a lot about himself without saying a single word.

So, grab pen and paper and write down words that describe you. For me, the words were: spontaneous, different, manly, smart, sporty, artistic, well-groomed but not over the top. After I had made these changes, people started reacting differently to me. Women suddenly smiled at me more often. Like minded guys came up to me and started conversations about beach volleyball or photography. When I was reading on the subway, women told me they loved the book I was reading. Basically, what I did was give others a better idea of who I truly was, and then give them the perfect excuse to start talking to me.

Imagine this situation: You are at a beach bar with some friends and this attractive brunette keeps looking at you. Well, she is trying to figure out if there is more to you than just a pretty face. Once women are interested in you because of your looks, they will observe you closely to learn more about you. Your objective should be to behave in a way that displays as many of these positive qualities as possible — without faking any of it. Some of these behaviors are extremely simple to implement, whereas others require a shit ton of habitual change.

I recommend you write down what good qualities you already have and how you can show them. Once you display these qualities naturally, you can add more and more attractive behavior. Now, that you are telling an interesting story without saying a word, there is only one more thing to do: eliminate hurdles for people who want to start talking to you. Women are often as scared of approaching you as you are of approaching them. Therefore, you need to make it as easy for them as possible.

Approaching can just as well mean clearly signaling you that they would like to get to know you. Thx for reading and let me know in case you struggle with implementing the advice from this post.

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Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Women initiate conversations with you. Telling a compelling story through your looks When I was in the Austrian equivalent of high-school, I used to dress as stylish as possible. Think about it: What story is your exterior telling? And are women drawn to that story? How could I display these qualities?

I carried my camera and beach volleyball stuff around. I grew a beard. I combined trashy with elegant clothing e. I read every chance I had. I got two easily visible tattoos. I let my chest hair grow. Never pretend to like something just to pick up women.

Always make sure everything you do is authentic! This phenomenon is often the reason why she excuses herself after a few minutes in the conversation and never comes back. Our goal is to tell a coherent story about who you are, not look like one of these PUA peacocking jokes.

Confirming the story through your behavior Imagine this situation: You are at a beach bar with some friends and this attractive brunette keeps looking at you. Eliminate hurdles for her Now, that you are telling an interesting story without saying a word, there is only one more thing to do: eliminate hurdles for people who want to start talking to you. People are less likely to approach you when you look bugged or angry. Always have a smirk on your lips. When on public transport sit next to the window so the seat next to you is easily accessible.

It takes more courage to walk across a whole room than it is to just turn to the side, smile, and comment on something. So, even when you are with friends, make sure you create situations in which you are solo.

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7 Tips How to Get Women to Approach You

As a single guy, you're probably used to putting pressure on yourself to get out there and meet women. I mean how else are you gonna get yourself a new girlfriend or casual sex partner, right? Problem is, if you're like most guys, then the idea of walking up to a beautiful stranger and trying to kick some game is downright SCARY! Wouldn't it be awesome if you could skip all that and get attractive women to approach YOU on a regular basis?

You are an awesome human being. You and I know that. They have never met you and have no prior knowledge about you.

Back when I was starting out, I had no idea that this was even possible. I thought I had to make the first move. I mean, I knew that women walk up to famous guys and maybe to guys who look like Ryan Gosling. But I was convinced that no woman would ever introduce herself to me.

How to Approach Women You’ve Never Met Before | Best Ways of Approaching Women

Every man has wanted to seduce women especially when they see their friends being approached by women. You do not need to be very handsome to make women approach you, what you need to do is just change your personality by doing some pretty simple things that I am going to let you know. How do you feel when you want to approach a woman? You must be feeling somehow uneasy, and you probably are asking yourself questions like:. Women that approach men also pass through the same experience and anxiety. So, any wise man that discovers this and wants women to approach him will look for the ways in which to get the women to approach him. The thing is how to be approachable. The following approacing tips are some of the things to do to get women approach you.

How to Get Women to Approach You First

In a world of extroverted, gregarious guys all over Hollywood and your neighborhood bar, what are you supposed to do? This is a refreshing contrast to a lot of the dating advice out there, which can feel pressuring and pressure is counterproductively the opposite vibe from the great connection you want to enable in the first place :. Not so. When it comes to a human-to-human connection that feels really good for both people, nothing like that is necessary.

Many men wish that women would make things easier by being willing to take the initiative themselves. But, despite social progress and the ardent wishes of many, many men, the accepted cultural narrative places the onus on men to make the first move.

This is probably the best way to get approached, but I put this at 6 because it can take a lot of work. This is still going to take work but the payoff is fantastic. The obvious way to do this is to start a popular business, like a restaurant or open up a club.

9 Foolproof Ways to Get Women to Approach You

Before I tell you how to use it, I want you to understand the mindset behind this. You and your friends must all agree to do this together because if one person does not have the same physiology and body language, women will not approach your group. The object of going out is not to meet or get girls.

Movies, songs and novels invariably portray men as approachers and women as passive recipients of male advances, and endless ink has been spilled providing men with strategic tips for talking to women. Here are nine ways to maximize the likelihood of her approaching you:. Some women are attracted to the sporty look, others love a tortured artiste aesthetic, and even more simply appreciate a man who can match his shoes with his pants. Portray yourself honestly and authentically to avoid mismatching expectations. Good dancing shows women your coordination, rhythm and sense of unbridled joy, and it can be a fun, low-stakes way for them to get close to you physically.

Leveling Up: How To Get Women To Approach You

Hell, we are living in the 21st century, where women propose to men, why is it still such a big deal for women to approach men? But you have to meet us halfway. Meaning: Take care of the fundamentals! They are many ways to make her notice you. Well, I guess it depends on the hat. Here are 9 steps on how to make HER approach you!

As an introverted guy, it can sometimes feel like every other guy got the “handbook” to attracting, approaching, and dating women except for you. I totally get that.

But guys who take the time to learn the fundamentals on how to approach a woman no longer have that issue, and therefore have an easy time approaching women wherever they go. And the way to get that invitation is with eye contact. When you see an attractive girl you want to approach, the first thing you want to do is make eye contact. If she looks up and catches your gaze, holds that eye contact and give her a relaxed smile. A good approach comes down to having the right body language.

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