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How to look smart and attractive woman

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Updated: October 6, References. Attractiveness is entirely subjective. Any person, no matter their age or physical features, can be attractive. In order to appear attractive all the time, you just need to look, feel, and act your personal best. Random Article. Home Random Terms of Use.



Top 10 Ways to Look Smart and Beautiful

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It is just bringing in profits for the beauty industry, they say. So why is looking good so important? Everybody realizes how looking smart and beautiful is important when it comes to your personal life, but being well groomed is also of an advantage when it comes to your professional life.

To show that you care about your appearance implies that you are conscientious, look after details and are not afraid of putting in hard work to reach perfection. That is why we are always told to look smart while going for interviews and client meetings.

Looking good makes you feel good. So how do you ensure that you always look smart, be it for a meeting or to go clubbing after work? How do you make sure that your date likes what he sees and your boss is not embarrassed by your appearance while meeting important clients?

Here is a list of 10 points that will help you make sure you always look as gorgeous as you feel-. Your hairstyle can make or break how you look. Nobody will look good even in the most fabulous of dresses if their hair is greasy and unwashed. Whether it is for office or partying, your hair should look healthy and well cared for. Shampoo your hair as often as necessary and oil it to avoid dryness and dullness. Guys, remember that too much gel makes you look like a 15 year old teenager trying too hard to impress.

Girls, remember that messy hair works for the beach, not for office. If you want to look professional, try braiding your hair instead of leaving it open. For parties, you can leave it open or go for a high ponytail if you plan to get sweaty dancing the night away. Your hairstyle should compliment your face. If you are conscious about your bulging cheeks, avoid short hairstyles.

Instead, go for a layered cut that frames your face. Similarly, your spectacle frames should look good on you. Not everybody can carry off thin rimmed or nerd glasses.

Just because they look good on your favourite celebrities does not necessarily mean you will be able to carry them off too. Instead of copying styles, choose a look that works for You and you will look smart.

Long dangler earrings, for example, work well for a round face, making it appear longer and more oval. If your accessories are chosen to compliment your face and body structure, half your work is done. Do not cake it with foundation, eyeliner, over the top lipstick, eye-shadow, concealer, fake eyelashes and everything else you can find in your make up kit. A light foundation or a BB cream will work well enough for office.

For a party, however, you might want to apply concealer and contour your face as well. Keep the reds and the magentas for the after party. For example, if you want dramatic, smoky eyes, make sure you go easy on other makeup products so as not to divert attention away from them. In short, too much makeup does not mean too much beauty. Both men and women should ensure that no matter what the occasion, their clothes should be well ironed and clean.

Do not go out with a huge stain in the middle of your nice shirt, or a tear in your stockings. Ensure that your clothes are never crumpled. If you find something is torn, mend it immediately or go to a tailor to get it repaired.

Neat clothes are very important in looking smart. Even the best haute couture will look cheap if not properly washed and ironed. Do not overdo the jewellery, whether it is for office or parties. A statement necklace does not need chandelier earrings and multiple bangles, huge cocktail rings and anklets. Guys, make sure that your tie goes well with your shirt and blazer.

Your cufflinks should be smart, especially for office wear. For parties, make sure you match your accessories. For office, your jewellery should be smart and sophisticated. A simple gold chain with studs, paired with a smart outfit, can go miles in making you look good. Girls, while dressing for parties, choose one accessory that will shine if your clothes are simple. A statement neck piece with an LBD will look beautiful. For weddings and functions, heavy jewellery looks nice, but not otherwise.

If your skin looks nice and healthy, half your work is done. Drink loads of water to make your skin glow. Do not forget your sunscreen and get tanned. Going overboard with foundation that does not match your skin tone is also a bad idea. To make your skin look healthy and shining, apply face mask once or twice a week.

A paste of besan, curd, honey and lemon will make your skin shine and remove tanning. You can use it on your arms and legs as well. Alternatively, you can buy one of the million organic skin masks and face packs available in the market today. But drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep is the most important for fresh looking skin that will make you look beautiful.

The smart thing to do is to always be prepared. Carry your basic makeup products with you in your bag. A lip balm is a must, especially during winters when lips tend to get chapped. On work days, a lipstick for touching up before important meetings is a good idea. Also, carry a comb to run through your hair before important events to make it lie down and look neater. If you have a long commute on dusty roads, maybe carrying a face wash and BB cream is also not a bad idea.

And very importantly, carry sunscreen. You can apply it before stepping out in the sun. They say clothes maketh a man. What they forget is that shoes are equally, if not more, important. You shoes form a very important part of your attire. You can wear streetside clothes and make them look good, but bad quality shoes are hard to conceal. Therefore, always invest in good shoes. Even basic shoes will do. For office wear, avoid glitter or high heels.

Sober pumps or small platform heels, if you are short, will do. For guys, smart leather shoes look good. Save slippers for the beach. For party wear, you can stock up on beautiful heels, but make sure they are comfortable. Nobody looks good clumping around like a horse.

A red skirt, a magenta top, golden jacket, blue heels, haywire hair, red lipstick, smoky eyes, long gloves, chunky bangles and long silver necklaces- only a very, very few people can carry off this look.

For us mere mortals, the best bet at looking good is to coordinate our outfit well. Choose colours that go together. Match your bag with your shoes. If you are on the plumper side, vertical striped will make you look taller. If you are short, long stripes with heels are your safest bet. Avoid long dresses and palazzo pants. For people with athletic frames, dresses cinched at the waist look good and give an appearance of a more rounded figure. The trick is to find clothes that flatter your particular body type.

Once you do so, you will start looking better when you dress up. Charles Darwin theory states that all …. Introduction: - Sports have gained a prominent space in everyone's life, and females have also been showing great courage for a …. No two individuals can be the same, but their personalities can match in some respects. Friendships are born because of many reasons. Psychological definitions of friendship include traits of trust and reciprocity, but people must …. Almost every single person is troubled with at least one hair problem.

Hair problems include dandruff, scalp irritation, hair fall, …. Search Menu. Editors Aanchal Awasthi. Posted On November 30, sanya jain 0.

Unable to Sleep at Night: Here are 10 Things to do. Top 10 Things to Do on Your Birthday.

How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps!

Everyone has those days when you wake up feeling, you know, blah. Luckily, there are some little tricks you can use to instantly give your confidence a boost and make yourself appear more attractive to others in the process. Whether it's highlighting one side of your face or switching up the way you walk, looking good has never been so easy. Here's how to nail the transformation process.

Even the most beautiful and successful people have off days, but if you're feeling bad about yourself more than you feel good, you might need a shift in perspective. Despite common thinking, feeling more attractive and desirable may have little to do with your outward appearance. We consulted scientific studies and spoke to relationship and dating experts to find simple lifestyle changes that you can make to appear more attractive both to yourself and others.

Jenny is a girl who loves many things. She loves street foods, traveling, nature, music, cats, and dogs! Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way but being attractive constitutes more than the physical. It takes more than good looks and a sexy body to make a woman attractive. And there are those plain-looking women who always get the attention wherever they go.

7 Quick Fixes to Look More Attractive

Beauty doesn't just come down to simple genetics. There are actually scientific factors behind the lesser known ways someone can make themselves more attractive. Disclaimer : Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Research has shown that attractive people can earn up to 14 percent more money annually than their less attractive peers. While some of this is based on appearance alone, attraction also relies on the way you carry yourself, how you treat people, and the kind of people to associate with. These studies look at averages, so take them with a big grain of salt. The authors note that secondary sex characteristics such as defined cheekbones and large jawbones may show genetic strength. Well, one theory is parasitic resistance. Vanessa Brown, lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, designed a study to determine why sunglasses look so awesome. Granted, she put it in more scientific terms, but at the end of the day, she was researching why a pair of Ray-Bans can turn a dork into Brad Pitt.

10 Most Effective Tips on How to Become an Attractive Woman

There are many simple ways to boost your sex appeal : walk a dog, play good music, tell a joke. There are, unfortunately, at least as many easy ways to sabotage your sex appeal, like slouching or crossing your arms in your online-dating photo. We've rounded up some all-too-common traits and behaviors that can make it harder to score a date — only some of which have to do with your physical appearance. In , researchers from Sweden and the Netherlands took photos of people who'd slept for at least eight hours the night before and people who hadn't slept in 31 hours. Sleep-deprived people were rated as less healthy and less attractive.

As we change subconsciously over the years, sometimes we get influenced by the wrong people or we decide to let go and take it easy, and we end up disliking the person we see in the mirror. You may have come across several girls who you perceive as unattractive who still get a lot of attention and adoration from the opposite sex.

Beauty is truly only skin deep, and at the end of the day, it's pretty meaningless if we don't foster the more lasting parts of our identity, like kindness and intelligence. However, sometimes we just want to feel like we look our best, and for those occasions, there are scientifically verified ways to appear more attractive. As much as I firmly believe that way too much emphasis is placed on physical attributes in our culture, and also think that the media definitely creates unrealistic standards of beauty I'm supposed to hold down a full-time job and look like a Photoshopped celebrity who has a personal chef and trainer?

Lust Is Complicated, But Studies Show These 19 Things Make Men More Attractive to Women

This post contains affiliate links. See affiliate disclaimer here. People always tell us that the key to looking beautiful or being attractive is to have perfect makeup, hair, and outfits.

Updated: April 29, Reader-Approved References. Looking attractive starts from the inside out—if you feel attractive, others will notice your confidence and find you attractive as well. There are some basic things you can do to improve your appearance while also staying healthy, like washing your face daily, staying fit, and choosing outfits that show off your style. Give off confident vibes by smiling often and portraying positive body language, and feel free to enhance your features using makeup if desired. Tip: Use a conditioner for your hair to make it softer. Use shampoo every few days, but apply conditioner to your hair every day.

16 Tips on How to Be Beautiful

Well here you'll learn how to dress yourself like a princess and be like one too. Style forever! Being attractive starts with focusing on your health and confidence. One way to stay fit and healthy is to get involved in sports or dance. You'll look better when you are rested, so try to get at least 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night.

Oct 6, - In order to appear attractive all the time, you just need to look, feel, and act your personal best. Steps. Part 1  Rating: 69% - ‎96 votes.

I am sure we all love to look Beautiful and attractive. Attractiveness is not only using deep makeup and chemicals, It is about maintaining health, skin, hair, teeth and your smiley face. In this content, we will discuss a few simple steps that make you beautiful and attractive. We feel very anxious about our appearance. I promise after reading this article you will always look attractive and appealing to your mates who will make you look elegant and good.

11 Ways To Be More Attractive, According To Science

It is just bringing in profits for the beauty industry, they say. So why is looking good so important? Everybody realizes how looking smart and beautiful is important when it comes to your personal life, but being well groomed is also of an advantage when it comes to your professional life. To show that you care about your appearance implies that you are conscientious, look after details and are not afraid of putting in hard work to reach perfection.

How to Look Beautiful and Attractive

The best part? We're talking small tweaks, like acting nicer and swapping your deodorant. Rutgers University anthropologist and best-selling author Helen E. Fisher says that women around the world signal interest with a remarkably similar sequence of expressions.

Research suggests we're hard-wired to find certain traits attractive. Here's your scientific guide to getting gorgeous.

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