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Send messages to others or just get notified when subtitles for your favorite show are uploaded x is a search engine to find your favorite torrents. My Watchlist Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Adams Officially Exits and are grateful for the talent and commitment they brought to Suits season after season. Track Winx Club season 8 episodes.

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How to Use Quora for Marketing

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Yahoo Answers. Over the years, countless sites have offered to answer all your random questions with help from "experts" across the net. They're called expert networks, and in some cases, they can be kinda helpful. But these myriad services have never lived up to their billing. The quality of the counsel on these sites is inconsistent—"expert" so often seems a misnomer—and even with a site like JustAnswer, which aims to provide helpful counsel in real-time, you so rarely get the answers you want when you want them.

You would think that the tech world would finally give up on this sort of thing. But not Aaron Patzer. Patzer is the founder of Mint. He sold the service to software giant Intuit in , quit the company three years later, and has now returned to the tech world with a new take on, yes, the expert network.

It's called Fountain , and it's set to go live with a few thousand beta testers on Saturday. The aim is to remake the answers game by turning it into a Siri-like smartphone experience, letting you verbally ask questions and then connect to "experts" via voice calls, online chats, or even video.

It works like this: You open the app and ask it a question—say, "How do I stop my dishwasher from leaking everywhere? The amount of time you get depends on the value of the information at hand. You might get 15 minutes with a gardener, but only 10 with an architect. The initial test version is focused on answering questions related to home and garden, but Patzer and company plan to expand into other areas in the future.

But the question, as always, is how well this sort of thing will scale. After all, so many other services have failed in their quest to answer any question at any time.

If they succeed at all, they succeed in very narrow areas, like health, therapy, or life coaching. Yes, people want answers, but it's so very hard to quickly and reliably connect them with someone who can provide what they need. Patzer, with a kind of youthful earnestness, acknowledges that there are challenges. But he thinks he has solutions. First of all, he says, the difference with most other expert networks is that they are tied to the web, where questions can sit unanswered for days.

Even when experts are interested in responding to an inquiry, they may not be able to lay out a thorough enough answer online, and scheduling a live consultation can get tricky. Patzer also says that the Fountain operation is data-driven. It uses natural language processing to match askers with experts, and it even uses online analysis to locate these experts.

At launch, there are a couple hundred experts onboard, who were all contacted and vetted by his team. But initially, an algorithm combed through thousands of online resumes and identified promising candidates based on their listed skills, essentially "pre-approving" them for the job.

According to his data, people inquired about tiles twice as much as carpeting, and about marble and stone thrice as much as linoleum. Launching with home and gardening questions first was another deliberate decision. It's not an easy problem as you scale up. But will it scale?

Richard Socher, a natural language processing researcher at Stanford University, says that even the natural language engine may have trouble expanding into new areas.

You might need multiple experts to answer a single question. Socher also points out that the risk here is relatively low, amounting to nuisance. The experience might be enough to drive some users away.

But Patzer says that's the point of the beta testing period—where the cost of an answer is free—and he's confident his service is suited to widespread use. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Then Came Covid More Stories. Author: Kate Knibbs Kate Knibbs. Author: Jason Parham Jason Parham. Author: Matt Simon Matt Simon. Author: Michael Hardy Michael Hardy. Author: Shailee Adinolfi Shailee Adinolfi. Author: Eric Niiler Eric Niiler.


Along the way they discuss the aggregation of knowledge and the power of experiments for improving the day-to-day performance of the site. You might think your tweets on Twitter belong to you. But in , the Library of Congress acquired the entire archive of Twitter. Why would such a majestic library acquire such seemingly ephemeral material? Historian Abby Smith Rumsey, author of

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Yahoo Answers. Over the years, countless sites have offered to answer all your random questions with help from "experts" across the net. They're called expert networks, and in some cases, they can be kinda helpful. But these myriad services have never lived up to their billing.

Quora: the Next Social Network IT Pros Need to Know?

Why is Friends so persistently popular, 16 years after it ended its season run? Streaming is often about rewatching the shows that we find comfortably enjoyable. Friends comes from a time where we had fewer options for entertainment, and it was watched on a scale that we'd never see with a modern TV show. It makes sense that a modern adult audience with a disposable income would carry a lot of nostalgia for it. And hey, despite some meandering storylines in later years and plain bad episodes like, er, the finale , it's still a funny show, as long as you can tolerate how self-involved the characters are. Otherwise, here's how you can watch Friends online in the US in That's episodes straight off, across all ten seasons. Since the show left Netflix at the end of December , that's likely going to build up demand in the meantime. We don't have an exact date for the HBO Max launch yet. You've got a few options for watching the show.

How to Attract 9872 Visitors from Quora in One Month

The question-and-answer site Quora considers itself a unique hybrid of search and social. The ads themselves are text-only and look like Google Search ads. Because people go on Quora to research products or figure out how to solve business problems, the platform has taken off with B2B advertisers. There are only so many CTOs in the world, and many of them are on Quora.

What's more, these characters are increasingly appearing in genre pieces, accessible to the mainstream, instead of being hidden away in so-called 'worthier' pieces, as in the past.

The Quora discussions were fascinating! Some of the answers were really good. I even ended up clicking through to in-depth blog articles linked in the Quora answers. I spent an hour on the site, learned a lot, clicked through to a bunch of sites and realized that this was a marketing technique that I could leverage!

The Misstep of Quora and The Importance of Trust Amongst Your Community

And once destroyed it is very difficult if not impossible to repair. You need to be the guardian of your own reputation. You need to constantly ask yourself whether your actions in rapidly scaling an online community are worth the potential downsides of destroying trust amongst your users.

Blockchain for Business is a comprehensive guide that enables you to bring in various blockchain functionalities to extend your existing business models and make correct fully-informed decisions. You will learn how decentralized applications are transforming numerous business sectors that are expected to play a huge role in the future. You will see how large corporations are already implementing blockchain technology now. You will then learn about the various blockchain services, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and others to understand their use cases in a variety of business domains. You will develop a solid fundamental understanding of blockchain architecture.

Suits season 8 download quora

The Quora website launched two years ago, collating questions-and-answers on a variety of topics and receiving favourable write-ups in the media. Earlier this month, Quora made a decision which changes your privacy on the site. And they did it without asking your permission first. Now, you may think — why would I care if people can see what questions I have read on Quora? If it were an opt-in product it wouldn't be as useful to writers because not enough people may go turn it on. It will improve the content and help readers discover useful and interesting content more quickly.

Jun 7, - Wondering how Quora can enhance your marketing efforts? Quora is driven by the mission to share and grow the world's knowledge online. which users visit to pass time or connect with friends, Quora is purely established Watch our weekly Social Media Marketing Talk Show on Fridays at 10 AM.

Quora, which calls itself "a continually improving collection of questions and answers" and has been described by others as a more refined version of Wikipedia , is by far not the only such offering on the Web. Everyone from Facebook with its Questions feature to LinkedIn to upstart Formspring provide different takes on answering questions in a social setting. But given the hype around the free Quora offering fueled by everyone from ubiquitous blogger Robert Scoble "Is Quora the biggest blogging innovation in 10 years?

Protein Powder For Weight Loss Quora For Sale Online Therapeutic Services, Inc.

Quora is the place where questions get answers. This website helps online users raise queries for knowing the unknown and reply to ones they are good at answering. Quora has become a substantive resource for millions of entrepreneurs and one of the best sources for Business to Business market. This exclusive feature of Quora is meant to increase the measure of user engagement on website.

Not only that, in before Quora was released publicly , tech giants Google acquired Aardvark , a social search service that connected users live with friends who were able to answer their questions. However, despite such intense competition, Quora managed to launch publicly to a media frenzy in And 7 years later, Quora is now a social behemoth boasting an impressive million unique visitors a month, up from just 80M in

JD shares what Quora can do for your business. Read a summary of the interview below.

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