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Welcome to HoosierSportsNation 3. We promise we won't bite -- come on in and register to join the party! Looking at our team as a whole, is Romeo a critical part of our team? Is he the best player on our team? I'd say likely so. However, I think it's doing the likes of Juwan and Rob and really other players a disservice if we don't give them full credit as well.

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Sports movie scenes that make the room dusty

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The Final Four is almost is upon us, and if you haven't gotten enough basketball, these are the movies you need to watch to fill your March madness void before and after championship weekend.

From the silly to the heartbreaking to the utterly uplifting, there's a little something for everyone on the list, complete with a handy "hankie rating" so you exactly know what you're getting yourself into.

There can be crying in basketball. But whether a film is a zero-hankie comedic gem or a five-hankie cryfest, all of these are a slam dunk for basketball lovers out there. No, it is not some classic sports film, but it is a helluva lot of fun. If you've never seen it, you should watch Fox as a teenager who finds out he's a werewolf at least once.

How is it connected to basketball? Because of course, the guy's wolfiness makes him an ace ballplayer and super popular dude. Though some of the '80s fashions may make you ahem howl with laughter. If you happened to miss this little gem the first time around, you should give it a look. No, it wasn't taking home any Oscars, but it's a solid comedy about two dudes played by Trey Parker and Matt Stone who invent a hybrid basketball-baseball game that slowly turns into a nationwide craze.

When it becomes a professional league, the creators must grapple with corporate sponsorship and all the other things that start to suck all the fun out of the game they invented.

This drama stars Duane Martin Real Husbands of Hollywood as a high school basketball star who desperately hopes he'll earn a scholarship to play for Georgetown. In the meantime, he must choose whether to play for a team run by his high school coach or a team run by a local drug dealer in a local playground tournament.

Shakur creates in Birdie a gleaming portrait of seductive evil. It's not a big tearjerker, but there are a few moments that'll have your eyes welling up. Brown plays Jamal, an academically and athletically gifted young man who befriends a reclusive author, Forrester Connery , and begins to refine his writing skills. The drama comes in when Jamal is accused of plagiarism on an essay he wrote under Forrester's tutelage and is told he must win his high school the state basketball title in order to have the plagiarism charges dismissed.

There are a couple sad moments here and there, but mostly this one is just a good, solid drama. Washington plays Jake, the incarcerated father of one of the top high school basketball recruits in the country. The governor of New York tells Jake that if his son signs with "Big State," of which the governor is an alumnus, he'll reduce Jake's prison sentence.

The only problem is Jake is in jail for accidentally killing his wife, and his son is reticent to help a father who is practically a stranger to him. Samuel L. Jackson stars as Coach Ken Carter, based on a real-life high school coach who famously suspended his undefeated team due to poor academic performance. Undaunted in the face of criticism, threats, and violence, the coach maintains that a solid education is what his players really need — and [spoiler] they respond by getting their grades up.

The film ends by telling viewers about how many of Carter's players went on to attend college and, in some cases, play basketball at the collegiate level. Leading up to the tournament, the team faced threats, hatred, and violence, but they kept winning.

In the tourney, the team ran the table, defeating perennial powerhouse Kentucky in the title game — and even knowing the outcome, the climax of the movie is still incredibly thrilling. Hankie rating: Four.

This one gives you all the feels, even if they're happy tears. Their chemistry is incredible and really elevates an already-good script.

Harrelson plays Billy, a former college basketball player who now hustles guys in streetball pick-up games, but he meets his match in Snipes' Sidney. The two adversaries eventually become friends and have each other's backs in the face of Billy's rapidly disintegrating personal life. This one is all about the laughs, with a few dramatic, heartfelt moments thrown in.

This classic is loosely based on a real-life team — taking a few liberties with the true story — but that hardly matters. It is one of the greatest sports films of all time, following an Indiana high school basketball coach Gene Hackman as he instills discipline and fundamentals into a small town team on the road to the state championship. Hankie rating: Six. This film has so much heart it's almost too much to take at times. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan star as childhood friends who both dream of playing professional basketball.

Of course, that's a little trickier for Lathan's Monica because the WNBA didn't exist for much of the time period of this movie. Their good-natured rivalry also becomes trickier as they leave adolescence for adulthood. But it's a basketball-themed romance with a clever narrative structure time passes in quarters that takes a hard look at the struggles that come with both trying to play professional ball and navigate a relationship that turns from friendship into something more.

Hankie rating: One. Nothing really sad here, though the fast-forward epilogue may have you sniffling a little. The film examines all kinds of issues — education, race, socio-economic hardship, classism — and is largely considered one of the greatest documentary films of all time.

It won Best Documentary from a number of festivals and critics groups and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Editing. This is a very frank and honest look about growing up poor in an inner city with dreams of getting out. Get your March Madness news, scores, schedule, bracket, highlights and more. Content sponsored or co-created by programmers is identified as "Sponsored Content" or "Promoted Content.

April 1 Movies - Editorial Share. BASEketball If you happened to miss this little gem the first time around, you should give it a look. Hankie rating: Zero. Unless it makes you cry with laughter.

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There was a familiarity in their movements, many practice jumps had taken place prior to this day, but the nerves of a mission seemed to add a touch of anxiety. The other part of that is I have work and school with less than an hour of time inbetween for selfcare food, hygiene, etc. We have lives! We have jobs, commitments, families etc. If you want a fic that badly, write it yourself.

The Final Four is almost is upon us, and if you haven't gotten enough basketball, these are the movies you need to watch to fill your March madness void before and after championship weekend. From the silly to the heartbreaking to the utterly uplifting, there's a little something for everyone on the list, complete with a handy "hankie rating" so you exactly know what you're getting yourself into.

Log in Sign up. Justified justifiededit Jacob Pitts Tim Gutterson it took me so long and still I'm not very pleased with the result oh well HBO war family's official chant hoosier jacob pitts the pacific my gif: the pacific four square photoset: tp king of the grumpy gills. Eurotrip Jacob Pitts old gif.

"I love you guys" GIF

Patricia from [ Martin Ingelsby at am ET My tooth is fine. I had to go the dentist yesterday. The dentist bonded it together. Casey Hickey from [ Martin Ingelsby at am ET It was a very exciting moment but we still had three seconds left on the clock and I knew we had to get a big defensive stop to win the game. Billy Dieckhaus from [ There was no trash talking going on in the Seton Hall game.

GIF: Marshall Henderson trolling Auburn’s student section is glorious

By thetricktolife , February 8, in Other Artists. I AM definitly a Hoosiers fan! I was so happy to know that they were planned for parc des princes' gig But nooo! There are panic at the disco instead!

Friday Night Lights - Tim McGraw's character shoves his championship ring on Billinglesly's finger after falling just short of beating Carter.

I always thought it was fitting that "Hoosiers" was released during my most memorable year as a sports fan, , which featured the Basketball Jesus at the absolute zenith of his powers playing for the '86 Celts, maybe the greatest NBA team of all-time , the Patriots improbably making the Super Bowl, a glorious roller-coaster ride of a Red Sox season including Dave Henderson's homer in Anaheim, one of my Top 5 fan moments , Jack Nicklaus winning the Masters another Top 5 moment , and the Red Sox blowing the '86 World Series four months after Lenny Bias dropped dead my worst two moments ever. Quite a year. During the spring of '86, my buddy Bish and I went to see it on a Sunday afternoon, knowing nothing about it other than "It's a basketball movie.

Big Ten Animated GIF Tuesday: May we have your attention, please?

But watch this a good times and leave us a comment: who is your favorite Auburn student section member? Mine is the Robert Pattinson-looking bro in the grey shirt with the goofy smile. The podcast ends with a deep dive into Reagan family folklore as Big Bob Reags joins the show to pine for the Wofford coaching tree and give a full scouting report of his son to the nation at large. Less than two months later, he backed out of that deal to sign with CAA, the most powerful agency in the business that will also be representing his basketball interests.

Scorsese's film is inarguably a towering achievement, but if you want a well-crafted movie that will have you cheering and throwing popcorn at the screen, Hoosiers is the way to go. It's a valentine to high school basketball, to small towns, to underdogs; it's formulaic, sure, but it embraces that formula with gusto, and delivers on all of its promise. There's a new sheriff in town: Norman Dale has come to Hickory, Indiana, to teach history at the high school and, more important, to coach the basketball team, the single civic institution that unites this rural community. Everybody has a huge emotional investment in the team, and not all of them are cottoning to the newcomer's ways: will he play zone defense, or man to man? Will he convince Jimmy Chitwood, the star player who looked on the old coach as a surrogate father, to rejoin the team? Will he even last a full season, with only six players on his squad, and the rocky start they get off to?

IU grabs much-needed road win at Minnesota

It was just the second road victory of the season for the Hoosiers , Big Ten , their first since Nebraska on Jan. IU was led by a career-high 27 points and 16 rebounds from freshman Trayce Jackson-Davis. First off, the Hoosiers got Jackson-Davis heavily involved. At Michigan, the freshman forward was just 2-of-3 from the field. On Wednesday, Jackson-Davis was 3-of-4 with just expired on the clock. But they were just of In fact, one of the highlights of the first half was a block by Jerome Hunter on Gopher big man Daniel Oturo at the rim.

Monday will happen and no matter what I really love these guys. Norman Dale's last words in the movie, Hoosiers (Or should it be 'Hoo-siers): "I love you guys.

My Account. Sign up. Report problem with this ad. Sep 6, pm. Six Foot Seven All-American.

i love you guys GIFs

Старик застонал. - Он называл ее… - Речь его стала невнятной и едва слышной. Медсестра была уже совсем близко и что-то кричала Беккеру по-испански, но он ничего не слышал.

Hoosiers GIFs

Минутку! - отрезал Стратмор, вопросительно глядя на Хейла.  - Мне нужно закончить разговор.  - Он повернулся и направился к своему кабинету.

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Глядя на оживающий монитор, он подумал, известно ли Стратмору, что в лаборатории систем безопасности нет ни души. Подходя к шифровалке, он успел заметить, что шторы кабинета шефа задернуты. Это означало, что тот находится на рабочем месте. Несмотря на субботу, в этом не было ничего необычного; Стратмор, который просил шифровальщиков отдыхать по субботам, сам работал, кажется, 365 дней в году.

Re: Here are some cool gifs

- Когда эти стены рухнут, вся планета получит высший уровень допуска к нашим секретам. Высший уровень. К отчетам о секретных операциях. К зарубежной агентурной сети.

Им станут известны имена и местонахождение всех лиц, проходящих по федеральной программе защиты свидетелей, коды запуска межконтинентальных ракет. Мы должны немедленно вырубить электроснабжение.

Как и многие другие сотрудники АНБ, он использовал разработанную агентством программу Мозговой штурм - безопасный способ разыгрывать сценарий типа Что, если?. на защищенном от проникновения компьютере. Мозговой штурм был своего рода разведывательным экспериментом, который его создатели называли Симулятором причин и следствий.

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