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Ideal partner for gemini woman

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Which Star Signs Should Gemini Date?

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The Gemini woman is one Zodiac sign that is amazing; this is one lady who conquers and captivates with her charm, which is always extremely pronounced — no one can resist her in her constant attempts to get what she wants.

The Gemini woman is the ruler of positive energy, and everyone sees her in one way as an attractive woman who can be very smooth and fine, especially when presented to someone for the first time. It is possible that the Gemini woman out of all the Zodiac signs, she is the most capable of showing herself in a positive light.

Her ruler is the planet Mercury, and she is an intelligent woman in the first place, her mind is fast, the top class and her views are original and exceptional — people are drawn to her. But as all Gemini people, this woman also can quickly get bored, so she needs constant change, movement and communication to get into the challenge and have fun as much as she would want to. This combination of high intelligence, wit and charm is well mixed up in the Gemini woman. Read all about her characteristics in life and love in particular.

When we are talking about the Gemini woman, we could say that this is one lady that, at first glance is lovely, and dear, but you should also know that under such a sweet armor, a war machine is hiding, which, in fact, is very well able to coordinate absolutely all the events that are present around it. This woman is in her life, directed toward creative jobs, but also jobs that involved working with people, where she can apply her creativity and intelligence.

Verbally, the Gemini woman is extremely strong and represent people who are very well able to speak on all the topics of this world — the communication in her life is very developed, like in all Zodiac Gemini people.

She can convince you in anything that she is saying, and people do believe this woman. In the end, we could say that the Gemini woman is very well self-confident and that she is very aware of her abilities, she recognises them from her early youth, she works on them, improves and really tries to do everything in the best possible order. So, in her life, success is in some way guaranteed. Gemini people, in general, can be great when they are comfortable and adaptable, but they can turn it upside down before you figure out what has happened to you.

Because of their hypocrisy, they are often regarded as empty and superficial. No one is perfect, and Gemini woman has many flaws — this lady can be unstable and insecure, and even worse this woman can quickly change attitudes. Some say that Gemini woman can be a manipulator, a woman that is too childish and eager games, so she often plays with the feelings of others — this cannot be good, and it never is.

And the worst part is that she sees this as a lot of fun, and a part of her entertainment. The Gemini woman can be nervous and restless, does not know how to keep a secret, because she likes to talk and to make interesting stories. And, regardless this woman can be fearless, she rarely keeps her word, and her feelings are superficial, and she quickly gets tired. Her love games are immature, the Gemini woman easily gets excited, and in the same way, she gets bored.

This lady is unpredictable and social at the same time, but her friendly mask can very quickly be replaced by the one that is distanced and arrogant. From the potential partner, she requires mental compatibility to be interested, because this Gemini lady does not allow the game with her body to someone who is not capable of challenging it intellectually.

So, when it comes to love, the Gemini woman is very sensual, seductive and has no problem at all to start winning sympathy from any man she likes — married, young, old and single; this is the woman that wants them all. In love, this woman best agrees with men whose energy attracts them and whose energy can be a good driving force for all that she wants to carry out. The Gemini woman loves strong men, who are flexible enough to be considered as good enough support for everything she wants to achieve.

This lady tries to live in a true fairy tale when in love, which will inspire her and definitely lead her to be emotionally fulfilled every day, regardless of whether she is newlywed, just started an affair or in a marriage that lasts for years. The Gemini lady in love falls in love, and has many love connections than other women may have, but it all works in pursuit of perfection in love. However, this does not mean that the Gemini woman is fatal in love; in fact, this woman needs conversation, fun and mental stimulation to stay in love.

Gemini women in general, rarely fall in love completely; rather they do it gradually by examining the quality of the relationship itself. This woman is continually adjusting to her own needs and tries the same thing with her partner. Change is significant for her life and her mental development — and if she did not act in this way, she would not be honest to her own needs. The Gemini woman will never apologise for her choices in love, and in life also.

When she sees the perfect partner, Gemini woman will fully reveal all of her personality, and she will stop manipulate and cheat; she will try to show herself as she is true.

The Gemini woman is usually waiting for her ideal lover to take her away, but doing that road she will have many connections, of all kinds. She wants it all, someone who will understand her, who will become maybe a similar to her, she wants a complete connection, nothing partial interests her.

So, in any romantic connection, in any sort of love affair, this woman that belongs to the Gemini Zodiac sign is an enchanting, entertaining, challenging, exciting and complex, and some people say that she is much more than this.

But we must add one more thing that is connected to the dual nature of all Gemini people, and also to this lady — the duality in her requires a certain subtlety and a fine balance in relationships. The Gemini woman needs a partner who knows how to entertain and mentally stimulate her, and no one on this planet no matter how handsome or rich he can be will never have a chance to be with her in a love relationship maybe just one-night stand.

If you are not an intelligent and complete man, this lady will never waste your time and wait for you. This woman, most of all, likes sexy and witty communication, and if you cannot keep her attention, she will be somewhere else in the search for a partner who can better flirt.

The ideal match for the Gemini woman can be the Libra- some say that this is the perfect connection since they can be soulmates. Both, Gemini woman and Libra lover are social, cheerful and completely jealous-free so their relationship will function without error, and it will last longer. They will talk and talk, and they share so many similarities that this love connection must be close to perfection.

Another lover that could be a good match for the Gemini lady is the representative of Aquarius sign — here we can see a good merge of their love. Their relationship will be filled with adventure and travel, and they will greatly agree on the sexual plan as they both like to experiment and try out new things.

In the end, we can mention the Sagittarius partner who can be pretty fatal for the Gemini woman. In this love connection, the lover that can take over the dominance is the Sagittarius.

Although these two lovers can often argue, they cannot be separated for a long time, so their relationship is always passionate and tumultuous. They belong to those couples who are destined to be together but will have crazy relationships and many breakups along the way. The basic characteristic of the Gemini woman is her amazing ability to see both sides in any situation — when you need a friend that will tell you the truth, and look at things objectively you call her.

But you should have one thing in mind, this woman can be very upset if you try to turn her friends on another side, and this is because this lady values her friendship and always has new opinions or interesting ideas for sharing. She is a true master of communication and a careful observer, an invaluable advisor; the Gemini woman will give you an objective opinion of everything you want to know. Her intellect and understanding of human nature make possible to balance very well between different groups and types of people, and you will often see it at the centre of a circle of friends who are closely related as if everything depends only on her.

She is the one that pulls strings. The Gemini woman is intelligent, invincible, fun and never bored with her. It is a winning combination that makes the most appealing to most people — this is the reason why this woman has so many friends in her life. As we have said previously, the Gemini woman is extremely social and communicative, even flexible type of parent.

Mother Gemini likes communication, learning, travelling and socialising in life, and she likes to transcend this to her children. This mother will teach her children learning, and mental work, and in young age these children will have to learn how to write, she will encourage them to draw, calculate and express themselves in all possible ways looking for their talent.

The Gemini mother will always emphasise the importance of learning, knowledge and information; and her children will develop the ability to communicate and logical thinking, they will emphasise resourcefulness as the most important trait in life. This mother is hungry with knowledge, information, and she will unconsciously and perhaps consciously transfer all this to her children. Carefulness and flirting, cheerfulness, this very positive Gemini mother who is not prone to worries and black thoughts, will bring optimism to their children.

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Gemini compatibility

Email address:. Given how flexible and sociable the women of the Gemini zodiac are, they easily bond with those encountered along their path, alas at a rather shallow level with most, having few exceptions now and again. When it comes to creating a deeper bond with someone on an intricate level, it can never be with a person who cannot respect boundaries. There are few aspects of life they cherish more than freedom, and my taking that away from them you forsake any and all chances at a relationship. Direct and straightforward, the women of this zodiac waste no time in making their opinion heard.

Both artsy and curious. These two signs never run out of topics to discuss.

T he symbol of the twins is really a perfect one to represent Gemini, as Gemini natives are said to possess something of a dual nature. Adaptive, communicative, and flexible, Geminis love to talk and interact. They are also the social butterflies of the zodiac, as well as natural intellectuals who love to learn new things almost as much as they love to chat about them with their friends. Gemini is naturally curious as well, preferring to live a life that is full of fun, wit, and vitality. A Gemini sees life as one big, endless learning experience to question and analyze to their hearts content.

The Perfect Love Match For A Gemini Woman

Traditional astrologers believe that Geminis are most compatible with Aries , Gemini , Leo , Libra , and Aquarius , and least compatible with Virgo , Scorpio , Capricorn , Sagittarius , and Pisces , but what do the actual marriage and divorce statistics say? Mathematician Gunter Sachs conducted a large-scale study of sun signs, encompassing nearly one million people in Switzerland, which found statistically significant results on a number of measures including marriage and divorce. Castille conducted a similar study in France using marriage statistics collected between and , which included more than six million marriages. Findings from these studies are summarized below. Some of these results are surprising because traditional astrologers consider Taurus-Gemini and Taurus-Scorpio very incompatible matches. Perhaps the excitement of passionate clashes keeps things interesting Geminis have low boredom thresholds. The higher-than-average divorce statistic between Gemini men and Capricorn women is unsurprising. As expected, Geminis are most likely to marry and stay married to other Geminis, probably due to shared attitudes, lifestyle preferences, values, and interpersonal styles. Castille also found that Gemini men are most likely to marry Gemini women. However, the least common marriage partners for Gemini men in France are Pisces women.

The Gemini Woman

Gemini and Aries Nature and Nuances: When two contrasting zodiac signs come Gemini and Cancer Nature and Nuances: Can the ebullient and charming Gemini and Libra Nature and Nuances Libra, the balancer of the zodiac, comes Gemini and Capricorn Nature and Nuances The erratic tendency of the winds The Gemini native has a versatile nature, if sometimes a bit fickle, according the Gemini horoscope compatibility findings.

So you have the hots for a Gemini?

She is not easy to have a handle on. The wonderful, vibrant, spontaneous Gemini woman expects her partner to share a passion for novelty with her. Ruled by the planet Mercury and the Twins, Gemini has a dual personality and hence can be flexible with most of the things given if she wants on her own.

Gemini Compatibility

In particular, bright, fun, sociable, and carefree are the most suitable words to describe a Gemini woman. In the Horoscope, she belongs to the most intelligent sign. Most men find her attractive because of the cleverness, excellent communication, and charming curiosity.

A Gemini woman is two, or more, women rolled into one. Some might argue this is far too much woman altogether, but Geminis are simply who they are, making no apologies for it. The timid, the weak and the timorous need not apply. Impossible to pigeon hole, she is a will-o-wisp, a changeling, a mix of intriguing personalities. Hyde, wild and unpredictable, but no less fascinating.


The Gemini female is a natural beauty with a dual personality. Geminis are notoriously very social creatures, and they will dazzle everyone they meet. The Gemini female is pretty, witty, and one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. She probably excels at painting, pottery, flower arranging, baking, photography — you name it. And you can bet she sings, plays a musical instrument and is a member of the local drama group too.

for the sake of brevity — there are many variations on this — let me talk about your basic cis gendered ('straight') male to female relationship with my particular  4 answers.

The masculine nature of both signs will certaily not show a lack of initiative Gemini vs. Gemini sounds like a battle of minds, a healthy debate or a clash of ideas. Gemini and Cancer have different views on their emotional and sexual life. Still, if Gemini listens and Cancer gives their partner enough air, this is a wonderful, childish bond, full of excitement and life

Trusted Psychic Mediums. What are the best Gemini compatibility matches? What signs are the best matches in love, marriage and friendship for Gemini?

To discuss Gemini compatibility we need to look at Gemini in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its own quirks and unique features. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Gemini and each of the other sun signs. Click on any combination to explore that match in more detail.

Vera Rose.

The Gemini woman is one Zodiac sign that is amazing; this is one lady who conquers and captivates with her charm, which is always extremely pronounced — no one can resist her in her constant attempts to get what she wants. The Gemini woman is the ruler of positive energy, and everyone sees her in one way as an attractive woman who can be very smooth and fine, especially when presented to someone for the first time. It is possible that the Gemini woman out of all the Zodiac signs, she is the most capable of showing herself in a positive light. Her ruler is the planet Mercury, and she is an intelligent woman in the first place, her mind is fast, the top class and her views are original and exceptional — people are drawn to her.

If you're a person who's smart, clever, independent, self-sufficient, and doesn't need to be in control, Gemini may be your soulmate. Gemini is compatible with several signs, including Aries , Leo , Sagittarius , and especially Cancer. Several signs that are compatible with Gemini. Of course, that doesn't mean that every Gemini is going to fall head over heels in love with you, or that you'll be soulmates. The reality is you're just not going to fall in love with every person you meet who has a sun sign that's compatible with yours. Nor is everyone you fall "in love" with going to be a soulmate. Still, it's an excellent place to start if you keep in mind you are much more than just your sun sign and where soulmates are concerned, there is such a thing as too much compatibility.

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