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Looking for a better boyfriend

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So, when you find the perfect partner, being the best boyfriend possible should be an ongoing commitment. Most men think that the best way to be a better boyfriend is to whisk her off to Paris and make other grandiose gestures. While those ideas are certainly something to consider, most women simply want to feel valued. Showing an appreciation of how fortunate you are to have her in your life should be a daily occurrence, and it will bring big results. This list of cute things to say to your girlfriend will make her feel special on a daily basis.

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How to Find a Better Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Being a good boyfriend isn't always easy, even if you have an amazing partner. A good boyfriend knows when to talk, and when to listen; when to offer advice, and when to offer empathy; when to shower them with attention, and when to give her some space.

You need to be someone they can trust and admire, and even someone who makes them want to be a better partner. To be a good boyfriend, always be open and honest with your partner, which will help establish trust between you. Additionally, when the two of you are having a conversation, make sure you're giving your partner your undivided attention, and try to strike a balance between contributing and listening.

You should also spice things up by trying something new together and being spontaneous every now and then. Don't forget to compliment them sincerely and often so that they always feel appreciated. To learn more from our Social Worker co-author, like how to avoid conflicts with your partner, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Plant Parchelbel. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great.

By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Explore this Article Expressing and Sharing Feelings. Showing Affection. Help Being a Good Boyfriend. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Be honest.

In any relationship, and with only very rare exceptions, honesty is the best policy. If you're honest from the beginning of your relationship, then you'll be less likely to run into trouble down the line.

For example, if you had a serious past relationship, you can let them know without revealing every little detail about your ex. Temper your honesty with kindness. Don't feel as if you have to make every response seem like a compliment. Instead, offer an alternative. For example, if they ask you if you like something they are trying on, let her know that it might work, but you think the blue one is your favorite so far because it shows off their great eyes and their stunning personality.

You should not only be comfortable with being honest, but you should be accepting of their honesty as well. If you want to be a good boyfriend, you should be able to handle the truth.

Trust them. Trust your partner and give them reason to trust you. Trust should form the foundation of your relationship. This will allow you to create a more open relationship toward each other, as well as creating a very good understanding in what your mate wants, feels, and needs. You can secure their trust in you by showing that you care and are concerned if they tell you something personal and important to them. Contribute equally to conversations.

When you talk, try to seek some amount of balance in the flow of conversation. If you're too quiet, they may think you're losing interest in them. If you're too talkative, they may think you're self-obsessed or plain impolite. The same is true for relationships. They never succeed when they're one-sided. Obviously, there will be occasions when you do talk a lot such as when something exciting or important happens or when you retreat a bit such as when something bad happens.

On the whole, though, aim for a balance of conversation. Be a good listener. Instead of thinking about the next thing you want to say, or something else entirely, focus on listening to them. Think about what they are saying. Always seem interested and fully engaged in their presence. If your partner is telling you about an important experience, make a mental note of it. If they've told you something twice before and you have no idea what they're talking about because you weren't really listening, they"ll know and they won't be happy about it.

Learn to tell when something is bothering them even when they won't say it. What does their expression, their body language, or even the way they keep twirling their hair tell you? Learn to compromise. Compromise is a big part of successful communication. If you and your partner can't disagree without getting into a big fight or without one person immediately giving in to the needs of the other, then you have a problem.

To be good at compromising, you should be able to talk about your needs and wants while understanding where your partner is coming from, instead of ignoring their side of the story. Sometimes, you and your partner will have to give in to one another. That's okay, as long as you're taking turns. If they pick the movie for date night, for example, you should pick the dinner location and where to go for dessert afterward.

Part of learning to compromise is using a calm, even voice when you have a disagreement. Never yell, swear, or under any circumstances, ever hit them, no matter how angry you become. Walk away for awhile if you have to, and come back when you can talk rationally. Be supportive. You can show support by being available, listening attentively, and showing interest in the things they tell you. When you spend time together, make an effort to be present and attentive to their needs.

By being supportive, you'll help to strengthen the sense of security and reciprocity in the relationship. And if you support their goals and dreams, then they'll support yours in turn. If they're having a busy week or month, you should be there to help them out by doing small favors, like picking up lunch or giving them a ride to class, to make their days easier. Be sympathetic. If it means something to them, it should mean something to you.

It doesn't matter that you wouldn't be interested in the issue if it weren't for them——a relationship is about sharing experiences and being supportive. When they're upset, try to put yourself in their shoes and understand where they're coming from.

Don't just dismiss their feelings because you think it's "not that big of a deal. If you don't feel like you are genuinely sorry, try to change the way you think. Think about things from their perspective. Sometimes, they may just want to cry and to be comforted.

Don't try to fix their problems right away. Instead, wait for them to deal with all of their emotions before being practical. If they're upset, it's important to ask, "Do you want to talk about it?

And if they're not ready to talk about it yet, don't pry. Method 2 of Show affection often. Show your partner that you love them by being affectionate. Small touches, hugs, a kiss, and maybe a little public display of affection PDA are just some of the ways of connecting through affection. Remember to read their signs, and if they're not in the mood, don't kiss them. Many times, even a light touch is appreciated.

If your partner is a romantic, upon seeing them for the first time in a couple of days, say, "I missed you Or just kiss their hand by clasping and bringing it up to your lips.

If you're not sure how your partner feels about public displays of affection, be discreet at first. Believe it or not, not every person is into holding hands. Appreciate their beauty. Give them extra compliments when they make extra efforts to look beautiful, but also make sure they know they can relax and be themself with you.

Don't make them feel like they always have to look like a celestial being. You should let them know that they look pretty whether they've spent an hour getting ready or if they've just woken up.

20 Tips on How to Be the Best Boyfriend

The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your significant other updated on April 27, :. Love her through actions. Walk your talk.

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There are two keys to finding that perfect partner who you can actually have a real relationship with. The first key is to know exactly what you want to see in your other half. The second key is to be that partner. We all know that a relationship is a two-way process.

Looking For A Better Boyfriend

Are you looking for advice on how to be a better boyfriend? Here are a few simple things you can do to become a better partner. Memes are a great way to convey how much you care on social media. If you often communicate with your partner via text or social media, another feature you can utilize are emojis. An emoji can also be used to replace actual words or sentences. Also, be sure to check first what each emoji typically means to avoid any miscommunications. Here are some ways to do this:. If she prefers to make her relationship silent, you should accept it or at least talk it out.

25 Ways to be a Better Boyfriend

Being a good boyfriend isn't always easy, even if you have an amazing partner. A good boyfriend knows when to talk, and when to listen; when to offer advice, and when to offer empathy; when to shower them with attention, and when to give her some space. You need to be someone they can trust and admire, and even someone who makes them want to be a better partner. To be a good boyfriend, always be open and honest with your partner, which will help establish trust between you. Additionally, when the two of you are having a conversation, make sure you're giving your partner your undivided attention, and try to strike a balance between contributing and listening.

I know what I need. I know myself better than anyone else and I know what makes me happy.

I enjoy helping men improve their style, romantic relationships, and quality of life. Being in love is one thing, but keeping that love alive is another. An ideal man needs to master the art of both.

Should I Keep Trying to Find a Better Boyfriend?

Dearest Evan, Wow! Thanks for helping me grow! I relate it to a Jennifer Aniston Syndrome.

Ah, dating. Somehow, despite all of the advances in technology and communication devices, dating can still be really rough. Is his ghosting me? Or Gatsbying me? Is he flirting with other women on Instagram? The list goes on.

Women Share All The Things Men Could Do To Be Better Partners

Updated: April 18, References. A good relationship depends on love, respect and good communication. Finding a good boyfriend can be difficult, especially if you've been burned in the past by bad relationships. Spend some time getting to know what you want in a relationship, and identify how a certain guy might fit the bill. A good boyfriend is someone who makes you feel like yourself, who is open and honest with you, and who works hard for what he wants. You should also look for someone who wants similar things to you in life, like having a family, travelling the world together, or focusing on your careers. That way, there will be less conflict over your priorities and how you spend your time.

To find important qualities to consider in a dating partner, you need to look no further than the May issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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How To Be A Better Boyfriend: 17 Easy And Inspiring Tips

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Looking For a Better Boyfriend!

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