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Hi there! I am travelling on my own to Baku so I am wondering if I will be safe to walk around on my own, especially at night. Also want to know which bars and clubs would be ok for me to go to because I have been warned that in certain clubs, as a single white girl the locals will assume I am a Russian prostitute! Apparently Azeri girls dont go out drinking and clubbing til late and any girl seen to do that, will be assumed to be of loose morals.

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Meet girls in Baku

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Baku — the capital of Azerbaijan, one of the countries with the most beautiful girls in the world. If you are into Azeri girls, chances are everything you dream of will happen in Baku. Apart from a few beautiful landmarks and some stunning cultural trips, most men will inevitably want a taste of the local market.

It is a natural characteristic. Their eyes are usually large and seductive, while their lips exude sensuality. A pretty girl from Azerbaijan would most likely look like a supermodel in a western country. Hair is usually long and dark, yet, just like everywhere else, you will find lots of exceptions as well. Click here to learn more about the dating culture in Azerbaijan and how to understand the local women.

Most people would describe them as petite. Even if they are not too short, they are still slim and skinny. Compared to western women, they are generally skinny. Regardless of their height, their legs seem longer.

On another positive note, they are normally well curved in the essential areas, regardless of how skinny they are. Overall Looks of Girls in Baku Girls from Azerbaijan tend to look after themselves, especially when it comes to the capital. You will see both low and high end stores everywhere, so they have access to high heels, makeup and the latest perfumes on the market.

Their manicure is usually flawless. When going out on a date, girls tend to look stunning. They put effort into their looks and they take pride into being beautiful, so make sure you are dressed smart casual, rather than casual. You can then extend your date and take her to a beautiful park for a walk. However, play it safe and go for a few drinks instead. Rules on Dating Look smart casual and smell good.

She will look like a supermodel, so you need to raise to her expectations. Remember that Azerbaijan is a Muslim country, despite being secular. Therefore, public affection is not really accepted, so be a gentleman. You can wait for her to make a move, read signs very carefully or just wait for a private moment — not in public. Some of them may need you to book a guest in. If you have a double room anyway, there should be no extra charges. Otherwise, you might have to upgrade.

However, since it is not unusual for foreigners to travel to Baku to meet beautiful girls, many hotels choose to allow guests in. You might need to register the girl by showing her ID to the receptionist — only a matter of safety.

Other than that, you should be fine. There are more hotels that accept guests overnight. AEF Hotel is one of the most popular ones — great value for money too. Sultan Inn Boutique Hotel is not to be overlooked either, especially if you want to be close to the local nightlife and have some fun nearby too — no need to worry about transportation then.

They provide access to pretty much everything, but they also allow you to bring a different girl in every night. Located close to the airport, Sheraton Baku Airport Hotel is just as attractive — lots of amenities, right next to the airport, good value for money and guest friendly.

However, you will need to travel downtown or perhaps book a date online. Money talks, trouble walks. Simply tip the receptionist in an elegant manner if you get questioned and let them know that you appreciate their discretion.

You can also ask them if they provide any in-house service and sent a girl up to your room. Online Dating in Baku Online dating in Azerbaijan is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, there is no local website yes — but you can defiantly find a lot of Azerbaijan women on Russian dating sites. This website has a separate section for Azerbaijan girls. Go check it out and sign up for free!

Sugar Daddy Arrangement Over the last few years the sugar dating arrangement between foreign men and local girls from Baku has become extremely popular. After all, it is not cheap to live in the capital and paying for school, university, clothes and partying is not something most young girls can afford.

Thankfully, with sugar dating you make your own arrangement with your dream girl. You can sign up here for free!

View on Foreigners Most women would dream about living in a world with no judgment. For this reason, foreigners are well seen in the area, but they still need to act like gentlemen.

You can have a decent conversation in English with most girls under 30 or 40 in Baku. However, just like in any other country that belonged to the former Soviet Union, Russian will get you a longer way — speaking Azeri is even better. Baku Versus Other Areas Baku is the largest city in Azerbaijan, which means this is where you will meet the finest ladies. They are also more open minded when it comes to foreigners. Girls from other areas are just as beautiful, but access to the latest makeup is obviously limited.

You might still be able to have a basic conversation in English. Whether you are looking for a longterm relationship or a casual one night stand, it depends on finding the right girl — be it in Baku or another place. Most of them are located at the junction of Dilara Aliyeva Street and Bulbul Avenue, yet they are scattered all around the city center as well. You will find lots of girls, yet it is important to know that those are usually the ones suitable for one night stands or casual hookups.

Entrance is normally free. Many of them are located inside basements. You might be denied entrance if you are a single guy though. Try finding a date first, go on a regular date, then take her out to a club. Entrance is not an issue in those basement clubs, but the elite ones are more restrictive. Keep in mind that many middle class women come from conservative families that do not let them hang around in clubs, so the nightlife is more suitable for casual hookups.

If you are up for a relationship or you want to date by the book, you need to find girls online, down the street or in a regular bar. You will be more successful as a foreigner though, but pay attention to wedding rings, engagement rings or potential boyfriends around when approaching a local beauty.

Those who decide to live there may also want to try some local expat bars — normally located on the Tarlan Abdullayev Street or the Abdulkarim Alizada street. It normally depends what you want a woman for.

If you want a classic one night stand or some casual hookups, clubs are your best choice. If you want to date, you can approach women down the street or in bars, but in an extremely polite manner. Unless you have never had a girlfriend before, you should be able to read some signs, such as repetitive eye contact or a smile.

Best Strip Clubs, Nightclubs, Bars and Massage parlors in Baku One night stands are quite popular in an open minded city like Baku, but pay special attention to certain things. Just minutes away from the main hotel areas in Baku, you will find a miniature red light district that tries to imitate the one in Amsterdam — no naked girls dancing in windows though. Massage parlors and hostess clubs are usually discreet. This is where plenty of basement clubs are also located.

You will find girls willing to do anything, as well as girls that you can pick up with nothing but your charm and a nice smile. Some notable names include Coral, Blackbird and Grotta. In terms of strip clubs and gentleman clubs, Televizyon, Shark Head and Moulin Rouge dominate the market. Most taxi drivers will recommend these ones. You do not necessarily need to go to a strip club to admire a beautiful body though, as many of the above mentioned basement clubs have sexy half naked girls dancing around for everyone to admire.

You might as well book your own massage beauty at home. Local newspapers are full of ads and phone numbers with body descriptions and full massages. Pay the right price and everything you want can become a reality, yet you should negotiate everything upfront. If you believe in your charm and attitude as a foreigner, try some of the local bars and nightclubs instead. However, meeting the right one depends on what you want from this experience. Finding a casual hookup could be easier than starting a relationship and dating by the book, as approachable girls in nightclubs are more likely to get involved than conservative girls who do not even go to clubs.

Or if you are willing to invest some money I recommend you get yourself a girlfriend for the week. If you are interested in moving there and you want to date, going online, meeting people and connections might be the best choices to meet a beautiful girl.

Take your time and remember to follow local rules in terms of approaching women and displaying affection in public. Azerbaijan women. Post navigation Prev Post. Next Post. On January 4, In Poland. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This div height required for enabling the sticky sidebar.

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Azerbaijan is a country of unique nature, unmatched culture, and centuries of customs, traditions and cuisine; a place that will not fail to meet even the highest expectations of the most sophisticated guest while upholding its hospitable and friendly Caucasian roots. Here eastern colours combine magnificently with western progress. Nestled amongst the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan may not be a large country, but it is one of great ambition, diverse culture and dazzling venues. This is a contemporary nation crisscrossed by history: the combination of cultural heritage, welcoming spirit, and modern city life will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Baku Cosmopolitan.

Baku — the capital of Azerbaijan, one of the countries with the most beautiful girls in the world. If you are into Azeri girls, chances are everything you dream of will happen in Baku. Apart from a few beautiful landmarks and some stunning cultural trips, most men will inevitably want a taste of the local market.

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Single girl in Baku - Baku Forum

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UNESCO launches work of World Heritage Committee in Baku

Baku , Azerbaijan is one of the least reported about destinations in the Former Soviet Union. Prior to my trip, I spent hours searching for reputable content on this mysterious destination and of course, Azeri women. I knew very little about Baku and its people. I read reports of its oil wealth and fancy hotels. However, what of its culture, mentality and looks and attitudes of its women?

All fluid folds, the curving Heydar Aliyev Center is named for Azerbaijan's third president—and has won awards for its starchitect, the late Zaha Hadid.

DON'T ever send money to someone you meet online! If someone asks you for money, please report the user by using our Report Abuse feature or contact us. Profile ID or e-mail:.

Baku azerbaijan girls. Sex

Nightlife Baku: Palaces, musei, culture, art, but also discos and night life. The capital of Azerbaijan offers a lively and glamorous nightlife. Here is the guide to the best nightclubs in Baku. Always a typical destination for businessmen and oil companies, Baku is becoming a tourist destination that can also attract tourists who travel for pleasure or looking for fun.

Excellent summary, Thibaud. You forgot a nice club called Tower Strangely accurate reporting though! So if compare to thailand How was your experience we have same plan as of yours on EID? We r going in may for bachelor party need to pick up good local girls or russians which is best place and unfortunately we r going in ramadan so i m worried do girls work in baku during that time??

Meet Women in Baku

The bronze woman just in front of McDonalds at Fountain Square, the center of the pedestrian area, is a popular meeting point as well as a companion on photographs. She is never lonely as her location is one of the busiests in Baku and people stroll all day until late at night. She herself seems to wait for somebody and is just receiving a call from her friend telling her that she will be a few minutes late. We all together had a nice evening in a nearby restaurant. See you there! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

Join the world's #1 travel dating community and meet your perfect sugar daddy or sweet sugar baby in Baku. Join now and get ready for fun adventures!

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Where To Meet And Date Girls From Baku? This is THE WAY!

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