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Dating online > 18 years > My husband got another woman pregnant while we were separated

My husband got another woman pregnant while we were separated

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My husband is having a baby with his mistress.

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We were separated and he got another woman pregnant Discussion in ' Divorced Members ' started by raleigh36girl , Mar 3, Mar 3, 1. Would I be crazy for considering going back to him, staying in the marriage and helping my husband raise this baby? I initiated the separation because of some issues that he would not address, mostly dealing with his family, which was strongly interfering with us.

Four months into our separation, he got another woman pregnant by accident. But, 6 months into the separation before I knew about the baby , I came to him asking if we could talk about working on things, said that I was sorry for leaving and that I didn't want to be divorced. Granted, he wanted to work on things in the beginning. He has been trying to make it work with the baby's mother. However, she is very volatile and has a questionable past. He has expressed many times that they can't get along, and now it's reached a point that they will more than likely split up before the baby comes.

If he'll have me, should I even consider going back and working on our marriage, and being a stable parent to this baby? I feel very strongly called to do this, and that it may be a very important thing for me to do. I still love my husband and we are both believers who were tempted and made poor choices.

Last edited: Mar 3, Mar 3, We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today? Mar 3, 2. Babies need a stable trauma free zone to be healthy and if you two can give the baby that I think that is great. Mar 8, 3. Pray and earnestly seek God's direction.

What do you think he wants you to do? If you do feel it's what you need to do then I would strongly recommend counselling with a Christian counselor. Be prepared for a roller coaster of a ride if she is volatile and child support payments until the child is Also I would make sure the both of you get child visitation and support that will be owed based on your income in writing by the courts.

This other woman could be a problem. Mar 8, Mar 8, 4. What makes you think he'll get the baby? Mar 8, 5. Well, he has decided that he doesn't want to be married to me, even if they split. He will be filing for our divorce at the end of the month.

Nothing else I can do. I can't make him stay or knock some sense into him. Mar 12, 6. How do you get someone pregnant "by accident"? I understand you're saying he wasn't trying to get her pregnant, but nonetheless he was deliberately having sex with her. Given that you were only separated, not divorced, he committed adultery so I would say that you're probably better off with this clean break, and just focus on being a good mom to your child.

Do you have members of your family close by? Like x 1 List. Mar 12, Mar 13, 7. Thank you for your perspective. This is what I was thinking, but just didn't want to see it. Unfortunately, I do not have any children of my own. And, at 37, I'm not sure I ever will.

I suppose if it's in the plan for me, God will send me someone who either already has children or wants children. Mar 13, Mar 13, 8. Ah, sorry, I thought you had a child. Hold onto hope, sweetheart. God has a plan for you. Mar 14, 9. Last edited: Mar 14, Mar 14, Mar 15, Separation does not "push" anyone into anyone's arms. A separation is a breathing space. If someone takes that as a free for all to go and have sex with the first person who comes their way, then it speaks to their character, or lack of same.

Last edited: Mar 15, Oh, so satan forced the OP's husband to have an affair. There's something else in the Bible: No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

Temptation is around us constantly in all kinds of forms. It's foolish to give someone an 'out' to cheat. It infers that some people simply cannot control themselves, and if they do wrong, it's because the devil made them do it.

And yet people go through long periods of separation without cheating on their spouses. My husband was in the military and was frequently away. Neither of us cheated. Why is that I wonder? And no, it's not different. It's still a physical distance when both are "deprived" of sex. Honestly, I don't see how people are any different than animals if they can't wait to have sex a week or a month or even a year without their loved one.

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Non-Marital Children Born or Conceived During a Marriage

My husband got fired while we were separated and he was living in another state. Separated, husband living with another woman. He was very honest about the entire situation, and in all fairness he knew I was involved with someone else at the time.

My husband has been having an affair with a woman for about 2 years. I decided to stick it out with him because I felt he was going through a mid-life crisis.

New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. She told him she got pregnant on the pill, which I think is a lot of cod wallop. I have tried to encourage him to stay with this woman soley because of this pregnancy, but he wants me and wants to marry me as he said all along, and he is furious with this woman for keeping the baby after only knowing each other two minutes. He told me he will obviously be paying for it but wants nothing to do with her OR the baby.

Will it be held against me if I get another woman pregnant before my divorce is final?

This article applies to parentage of non-marital children born during a marriage between opposite-sex spouses. This includes a child born to a woman who is married but whose husband is not the biological father. This article talks about what to do if you are getting a divorce, and a non-marital child was born during your marriage. Sometimes a married woman gives birth to a child whose biological father is not her husband. The husband is the legal parent of every child born or conceived during the marriage. The reverse is not true. As the legal father of the children born during his marriage, a husband may have custody and parenting time. He may also be responsible for providing child support and health insurance.

We were separated and he got another woman pregnant

I frequently get questions from potential clients about what are the effects of adultery in the outcome of a divorce. Texas is a no fault divorce state which essentially means that neither party necessarily has to prove the other did something "wrong" causing the divorce. However, fault grounds often arise in divorce proceedings and the court will consider them in dividing the community property. A man and wife are still considered married until the court enters a final decree of divorce, therefore getting another woman pregnant before your divorce is final is considered adultery. So, what is the effect?

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! I got separated from my partner of 10 years with whom we have a beautiful daughter.

Wives, knowing what your husband has done with the OW, does not have to ruin your marriage. I said absolutely! Today I am going to write about the icky realities of what happens when the other woman gets pregnant. Note: married men are half of the problem in these situations.

While separated my husband had a fling and the woman got pregnant. She sear...

Welcome to Christian Forums, a forum to discuss Christianity in a friendly surrounding. Your voice is missing! You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world.

While separated my husband had a fling and the woman got pregnant. She searched long till she found him, called my in laws and begged them to ask him to get in touch, which he did but denied responsibility and didn't want anything to do with her. Now he was forced by court to do a paternity test in order to pay child support. He's still awaiting the results. Long story short, the woman tracked me down too, was very disrespectful and demanded we accommodate the child into the family. Big deal is this is the first time I heard of the situation as my husband and in laws hid it from me " in order to protect me and my children"

My husband got another woman pregnant while we were separated she is married xm

Join now to personalize. My husband got another woman pregnant. My husband got another woman pregnant and the child is now a year old. It put great strain on us at first but after long talks, I told him that I would not come between him and his son as long as the affair is over with her. But since the child was a month old, he stopped going to see the child on his own with no influence on me.

Mar 17, - Did you try the case, or did you work out a settlement? Did he answer discovery under oath falsely? The answer to those questions will decide if  What are the legal aspects of my husband having a baby.

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