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Trying to get pregnant diet tips

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Nutrition is about eating food that gives your body what it needs to stay healthy and work properly. The main nutrients your body needs are proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. What you eat can affect your chances of getting pregnant, but the full picture is not very clear-cut because it is hard to separate diet from other factors. What we do know is that the best foods for getting pregnant are the same as those for general well-being: whole grains, healthy fats and proteins.

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The Prepregnancy Diet

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Well, sort of Researchers have found that unhealthy eating habits can harm fertility. Eating nutrient-rich foods is usually safer than concentrated supplements. Some research has connected particular foods to fertility health.

Some of the fertility superfoods on this list fall into that category. Overall good nutrition leads to good health. Good overall health can sometimes protect your fertility. On the other hand, if you try to eat as many nutrient-rich foods as possible and those would be superfoods , you may very well protect or even improve your fertility in some cases.

So what are you waiting for? Sunflower seed kernels roasted without salt. Not into sunflower seeds? Consider some sunflower seed butter! Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Supplementation with vitamin E has been shown to boost male fertility. Sunflowers are also a great source of many other fertility friendly nutrients. One ounce will give you:. Sunflower seeds are also a good source of the fatty acids omega 3 and 6. Here are some ways to eat more sunflower seeds:.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and orange juice. Grapefruit juice and orange juice are very high in the polyamine putrescine, which may improve semen health. Putrescine may also improve egg health.

In one study, older female rats were given water rich in putrescine in the time just before and up to ovulation. The rate of chromosomal defects in the ovulated eggs decreased by more than 50 percent! It may be that putrescine helps both egg and sperm cells maintain their chromosomal integrity. The boost in vitamin C from these juices may also help. Low vitamin C levels may negatively affect female hormonal balance. Getting more into your diet:. Caution: Grapefruit juice is known to increase the effects of some medications, in some cases to dangerous levels.

Mature cheeses, like mature cheddar, parmesan, and manchego. Mature cheeses are high in polyamines. Polyamines are proteins found in plant and animal products. They are also naturally occurring in humans. Research has found that polyamines may play an important role in the reproductive system. Mature cheese is specifically high in the polyamine putrescine, which may play a role in sperm health. Putrescine is also suspected of improving egg health, especially in women 35 and older.

Be careful with portion control when adding cheese to your diet! A small amount packs in a lot of calories and saturated fat. So enjoy Full-fat dairy products, like whole milk, full-fat yogurt, ice cream, cream cheese, and other cheese.

A Harvard study found that women who ate full-fat dairy products were less likely to experience ovulation problems than women who ate primarily low-fat dairy products. In this study, low-fat dairy products included skim or low-fat milk, sherbet, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Full-fat products included whole milk, ice cream, cream cheese, and other cheese. The easiest way to get a serving a full-fat dairy into your diet is to switch to whole milk instead of low-fat milk. Easy only if you already have milk in your morning tea or cereal. An occasional serving of full-fat ice cream can make a nice treat. Just be sure to take into account the extra calories in your diet. Liver, most especially from cow.

Other organ meats may have similar health benefits. Cow liver is high in many nutrients that are vital to reproductive health. One serving of cow liver 68 grams contains:. Cooked tomatoes, like you might have in tomato sauce or tomato soup. Cooked tomatoes are high in the nutrient lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene has been extensively studied for its potential role in improving male fertility.

Lycopene supplementation has even been researched as a possible treatment for male infertility. One study found that supplementation of 4 to 8 mg of lycopene per day for 8 to 12 months led to improved semen health and increased pregnancy rates.

While both raw and cooked tomatoes contain lycopene, one cup of cooked tomatoes contains almost twice as much lycopene as one cup of raw tomatoes. So when you can, opt for the cooked tomato recipes. But tomatoes in any form are still good for you! Lentils and beans. All kinds of beans but especially black beans. Lentils contain high levels of the polyamine spermidine, which may help sperm fertilize the egg.

Lentils and beans are also a good source of folate. Folate or folic acid is a very important nutrient for conception and healthy embryos. Beans and lentils are also a good source of fiber. Getting enough fiber in your diet is key to healthy hormonal balance. Consider replacing one or two meat meals with lentil or bean based meals. You can also try throwing some beans into your salad instead of cheese or meat.

Asparagus is a nutrient-packed superfood. One cup of boiled asparagus will get you:. Avoid canned asparagus that is full of salt. Reach for fresh or frozen. If you want to go canned, look for low sodium options. Oysters appear on just about every fertility food list. They are packed with fertility-boosting nutrients! A serving size of 6 raw oysters contains only calories, but all these important reproductive vitamins and minerals:. You can prepare and serve this dish at home.

The healthiest option is raw, but not everyone can stomach the idea of raw oysters. Pomegranate seeds and juice, most especially the juice. Pomegranates have long been associated with fertility and birth due to their many seeds. This is not a scientific reason to indulge in pomegranates As for science, pomegranate is high in antioxidants, which may boost male fertility. Studies have found that pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract may improve sperm concentration and motility after several weeks.

One study has looked at the effect in humans. Healthy fats are an important part of overall health but also healthy reproductive health. Walnuts are rich in omega-3s and omega-6s. This is part of what led researchers to consider whether they might boost fertility. In a small but interesting study, men were randomly assigned to one of two groups.

In the experimental group, the men were told to continue with their normal diets but also eat a premeasured package of walnuts each day. Each package contained 75 grams of whole shelled walnuts.

The walnut-eating men experienced improvements in semen health. In particular, sperm vitality, motility, and morphology improved. Consider replacing your afternoon snack with a serving of walnuts! Eggs, most especially the yolk. Eggs are a good source of B-vitamins, which are important for fertility. Omega-3 fats are important for fertility as well, and you can get a boost from the omega-enriched eggs. Another good reason to eat eggs: they are an inexpensive source of lean protein, which has also been found to be good for fertility in men and women.

Eggs also contain choline. Choline may reduce the risk of some birth defects. However, not all studies have not found this.

Fertility diet plan

The ultimate fertility diet: We reveal what to eat and what to avoid. Trying to get pregnant? Foods to eat and avoid to boost fertility. Researchers from the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have just published a review of past studies that examined the impact of diet on fertility.

Avoid ahi tuna, big-eye tuna, swordfish and king mackerel. Meat may be linked to a higher risk of infertility for both men and women.

So far, there isn't any conclusive evidence that specific foods can make you more fertile, but your diet does matter. You can optimize your body for conception by maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, eating good-for-you foods, and minimizing the junky stuff. Practicing smart eating habits now can also help you have a healthy pregnancy once you conceive. Here are some suggestions for how and what to eat in order to set the stage for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Think of produce as Mother Nature's multivitamin.

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Make these changes to your diet to improve your fertility and ovulation function. According to a study of diet and fertility from Harvard Medical School, unlike other factors that you cannot control—such as age and genetics—eating certain foods and avoiding others is something you can do yourself to help improve your ovulatory function. Petersburg, Florida. Here's how to deliciously dine your way to a happy, healthy pregnancy by following a conception diet. For a fertility diet to improve egg quality, load your plate with fruit and veggies. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health of nearly 19, women found a higher incidence of ovulatory disorder in women who consumed more trans fats, carbs, and animal proteins. The antidote? Make sure half your plate at every meal is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitti suggests juicing kale and other greens if you're not a fan of raw veggies. To combat nutrient loss, roast vegetables in high heat for short time with no water or microwave them with a small amount of water.

The Fertility Diet: What to Eat When Trying to Get Pregnant

Luckily, there are a few natural ways to increase your fertility and become pregnant faster. Antioxidants like folate and zinc may improve fertility for both men and women 3 , 4 , 5 , 6. Antioxidants deactivate the free radicals in your body, which can damage both sperm and egg cells 7. One study of young, adult men found that eating 75 grams of antioxidant-rich walnuts per day improved sperm quality 6.

Well, sort of Researchers have found that unhealthy eating habits can harm fertility.

Infertility affects about nine percent of married women who are of childbearing age, according to a national survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While couples can't control all of the causes of infertility, they can control their eating habits. And, nutrition and a healthy body weight for both partners can have a significant impact on the ability to conceive. To prepare for pregnancy and enhance fertility, maintain a healthy weight and choose foods that will create a safe and supportive home for your baby's nine-month stay.

Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Women

To optimize women's fertility, taking better care of their bodies is a good first step. But what else can women do to improve their odds of having a baby? The most important advice for a woman who wants to get pregnant is to get to know her body, specifically her menstrual cycle, said Dr. Mary Ellen Pavone, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and medical director of the in-vitro fertilization program at Northwestern Medicine's Fertility and Reproductive Medicine department in Chicago.

Pre-conception nutrition is a vital part of preparing for pregnancy. Studies show that underweight women are more likely to give birth to small babies, even though they may gain the same amount in pregnancy as normal weight women. Overweight women have increased risks for problem in pregnancy such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. Talk with your healthcare provider about whether you need to lose or gain weight before becoming pregnant. Many women don't eat a well-balanced diet before pregnancy and may not have the proper nutritional status for the demands of pregnancy.

Fertility and diet: Is there a connection?

A fertility diet plan is a helpful element of preconception care. Understanding the impact certain foods have on fertility will help you create a plan that will improve your chances of natural conception and a healthy pregnancy. Nutrition is an important part of preconception care. Having a fertility diet plan is great for getting you into healthy habits and preparing your body for pregnancy! Part of the reason for a fertility diet plan is to help improve your chances of conceiving naturally. You should aim to have a healthy BMI when trying to conceive. If you have a high BMI, try not to worry too much or be too hard on yourself.

These calories should come from a balanced diet of protein, fruits, vegetables, Pre-conception nutrition is a vital part of preparing for pregnancy. Exercise and everyday physical activity should also be included with a healthy dietary plan.

You know there are a lot of rules about what you can and can't eat once you get pregnant, but what about when you're trying? Can certain foods improve your ability to make a baby? Whether you're just beginning to add to your family or you've been trying to get pregnant for a while, here are eight fertility-boosting foods to add to your diet now, plus one food you must avoid.

8 Foods That Can Help You Get Pregnant

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Foods That Can Affect Fertility

In fact, following a healthy diet before you conceive can boost your fertility and lower the risk of birth defects like spina bifida. Plus, shoring up what you eat now can help you transition to a smoother pregnancy once baby is on board. Use this nutrition guide to plan out your meals.

I share the top 15 tips for what to eat to help you get pregnant faster, and dive into the evidence on the best fertility foods.

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