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Virgo man scorpio woman yahoo

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What are your opinions on this union? And how would you say their sexual chemistry is? Lol thanks. Hes virgo with libra rising and capricon moon :. Good chemistry, probably work out in both romance and finance affairs.

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Scorpio women and Virgo men?

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Sensual Scorpio keeps trying to entice Virgo into ever bolder sexual adventures. But Virgo is pleased because Scorpio is also possessive and fiercely loyal, which makes Virgo feel loved and protected. They also admire each other's minds. Virgo is logical, intellectual, analytical.

Scorpio is imaginative, visionary, perceptive. Each sometimes has trouble expressing real feelings: Scorpio is volatile but secretive; Virgo is self-restrained and reserved. There may be some conflict about who runs things, but Virgo's willingness to compromise keeps Scorpio tractable. Virgo-Scorpio Compatibility Since both are practical and intelligent, this combination will work well.

But emotionally these signs are worlds apart, Scorpio has intense feelings, burning desires and is often at the mercy of his or her own emotions, whereas Virgo believes in controlling them. Scorpio is demanding, so will appreciate Virgo's reliable conscientious qualities. If there's one thing that Virgos can't cope with it's dirt. The first catch this couple will come up against is cleanliness. As the Scorpio rushes around turning up the charm and turning down the lights, the Virgo will be on the prowl, checking the dwelling for dust and dirt in every nook and cranny.

This couple can get on quite well, although they often do better on a familial footing or a business basis. But in the sexual stakes, this could be a short-lived love. It can be decidedly difficult for the vestal Virgo to sustain the Scorpio's Plutonic passion. Although Virgos belong to the earthy element, making then superbly solid and full of feeling, they are ruled by that Mercury, who makes them much more mentally motivated.

As a result, after some sensationally steamy and superbly sensual sessions with their laundered lover, the Virgo may decide it's all a wee bit wearisome.

I wish you would be more specific! Yet, there's never been a "magnetic" attraction. Experience alone will truly show you valid patterns. Looking into the "houses" can also be very insightful if you want to go that far. There's so much more than just the sun sign. This is very subjective; I've found that Virgo men are compassionate, senstive, organized, dreamers, not highly sexually motivated.

What is most important to you? I'd be MOST curious about his moon sign. That is the most intimate, private sign of all. From long experience for example I can spot an Aries sun man at first glance. But logic over years proves it valid. Good luck! I think it depends upon the scorpio and virgo I dated a virgo that I treated well but she left in the cold one day when we had planned something special out So I think the hurt can go both ways That's why on this one, I'd say it depends upon the other stars in the chart, as sometimes, they are great together and something it makes friction..

I am a Virgo woman and had a 3 year relationship with a Scorpio man. It was fine but he was mean and hurt my feelings a lot. I don't think they're as sensitive as we are, but let me tell you A little much at times for my Virgo appetite, but nonetheless very exciting I dont usually write on these, but im a Scorpio and the love of my life is a Virgo male, he's without a doubt my twin soul, i cant fault him at all Danielle L.

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Scorpio woman...How do I avoid scaring off Virgo man?

Sensual Scorpio keeps trying to entice Virgo into ever bolder sexual adventures. But Virgo is pleased because Scorpio is also possessive and fiercely loyal, which makes Virgo feel loved and protected. They also admire each other's minds. Virgo is logical, intellectual, analytical.

Not too bad as you are both feminine signs. However the potential problems are with feelings. Virgos are very critical and nitpicking and this can upset a sensitive water sign.

Hello to you all I've been dating my girlfriend for quite some time now only thing is she's quite difficult nothing like the other women Ive been with in the past now it's not a bad thing that she's soo different infact I love that about her me and her share sooo much with each other we work together share the same locker. I wanna be able to love her and cherish her in opening myself up to her about my personal life. At this point I'm going through a tough time on my own last night I wanted to surprise her with some roses that whole day she went in silence now this isn't the first time she's been silent with me. I just don't get it, I'm a loyal trusty person who wants love and affection in return we still haven't spooken NO I haven't hurt her in anyway I haven't cheated I have nothing to hide I believe in karma and just knowing that doing bad behind someone's back is just not worth it why get into a relationship with someone only to fuck it up.

can a virgo man and scorpio woman get along?

I have been with my boyfriend almost 6 months. So far our relationship has been amazing! I just want to know if anyone knows how compatible a virgo man and a scorpio woman can be? My friend and her husband are this match and have been together for twelve years. Super compatible and best of friends. The Virgo man is more understanding, accepting, and patient with a Scorpio woman than any other sign in my opinion. It has the potential for real partnership and true lasting love, imo. I am Scorpio and I am looking for a Virgo or Pisces. Your essential natures are compatible, as both of you share a certain level of practicality, the need to analyze and dissect people and life, and a rather introspective approach to life's challenges. You both need to strive to harmonize your different natures and not antagonize each other, but the chances of doing so are very high, as you both sense in one another a generally compatible attitude towards life.

A virgo man dating a Scorpio women?

Does a scorpio woman and virgo man have a stable relationship or should they not be together astrologly speaking. Sex is very important for a Scropio - especially passionate sex, intense relationship. Virgo can't handle passion. They are very cold when it comes to sex.

When Virgo and Scorpio join together in a love match, these Signs that are two apart in the Zodiac are brought together. Their placement gives the relationship an intense karmic bond.

I am a 28 year old Virgio, She is a 27 year scorpio on a cusp with sagitarius, She is very much into sun signs. Any ideas on how to totally win her over. Thanks Cindel, she has shown me how to open up more and be more in tune with myself which is fun.

Scorpio woman and Virgo man?

He's just what I want, but I think I come off as a little too intense at times, but I'm just not sure how. It seems by the time I've noticed him draw back a little, it's more than just a little. The Scorpio woman - Virgo man relationship is bound to be rather challenging for both partners. Needing an earthy and ordered love life, the Virgo man is discriminating and laid-back.

I need advise on how to make this work. We've been together 6 years now. We are so different and it has never been easy. I'm emotional and he can be so cold. I'm jealous and possessive and he isn't at all.

Scorpio female and Virgo male relationship compatibility?

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I have been with my boyfriend almost 6 months. So far our relationship has been amazing! I just want to know if anyone knows how compatible a virgo man and.

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Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman?

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should scorpio and virgo be together?

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Virgo man, scorpio woman?

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virgo men and scorpio women?

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