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Why does my boyfriend look at other woman

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Now, this is something that can actually drive a woman crazy, make her feel sick to her stomach and make her feel unworthy of love. For many of them, looking at other women had become a big problem. Here are 3 reasons people cheat. They struggle with incidents that they feel are out of their control, like a quick glance at a woman on the street — and they feel awful about it, especially if the other woman notices. The pain comes both from hurting their partners, and from not being able to control looking and feeling awkward and panicked about it.

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My boyfriend stares at other women

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I am in a serious relationship with a man that I have known for many years but have only started the relationship in the past few months.

Our relationship seems like a dream, we have always cared for each other, but I think our timing was never right.

We had started a relationship at 20 and I subsequently broke his heart. He did not communicate his feelings for me which led me to believe there was no future for us and I moved on. We have matured and grown and are better equipped emotionally to have a successful relationship, at least I feel that way.

You have far more to worry about than a nudie poster. He lives across the country, has a great job and is leaving it behind to come and start a new life with me at this point. We are buying a home together and are trying to start a family, but something still makes me feel doubt and insecurity.

I had the chance to see his place, I flew out for a week vacation he often visits me and I wanted to see him at his end and saw his apartment for the first time. I chuckled at first, seeing that it was decorated with flags and beer posters and such but when I saw the detailed nudie poster of a woman signed to him with love hanging on the inside of his closet door I felt like throwing up. He is an intelligent man, very successful, very down to earth, is very respectful and caring in how he treats me, very loving, sensitive and has no problems sharing how much he loves me anymore… all those things a girl would want.

But the whole time I was there that was all I could think about! It drove me crazy, I felt like it was a notch on his belt that he had to hide in his closet but yet had no qualms with letting me see it. First let me attempt to put you at ease with the concept of the signed and detailed! Expecting men not to be turned on by magazines, calendars, porn and strip clubs is like wishing for the sky to be red — a pleasant thought, perhaps, but not one consistent with reality.

Better to embrace that and use it to your advantage than to go crazy about a fact of life. Not to mention beer signs and football pennants? I loved looking at it, but kept it hung in my closet out of embarrassment, until eventually I asked her to stop sending it.

I could not possibly imagine how your guy has gone this long without realizing how this makes him look. Any ideas? Please, Trixie, for your own sake, slow down on the proclamations of love and marriage and future and babies — and try to figure out if you guys are truly a long-term fit. Is it just a playboy playmate and he went to an autograph session to get it signed? Is it a super good-looking ex girlfriend? My guess is something along the lines of the former which makes this, in my view, a total non-issue.

If he wants to move, fine. But why buy a house together so soon? So many people rush into these things without looking at all the clues then come back and complain about it later. I suspect what the OP really wants to know, is can she change him from looking at other women.

I disagree with Evan. I think the poster IS a sign of issues that he has and that you are right to be bothered by. So many women dislike this type of male behavior ogling, objectifying women and despite this, men persist in doing it. Because they get away with it. Because there are plenty of people to tell you that as a woman YOU are wrong to find this objectionable.

And yet you do. In your gut, it repulses you. I hold that there is nothing wrong with you. Not all men go in for this type of behavior. I feel sad that they are in such short supply, however. And happy that I have one who is not like that. Because it creates a work environment hostile toward women.

Why hostile? Why should you be less protected in your home than in your workplace? I would say that you have the right to ban from your home any sort of material you find objectionable.

You have to live there, too. I love you. Awesome response! You can only blame genetics to a degree. Therefore not much worry about being embarrassed about the poster.

But more importantly, if Trixie is bothered by a poster — why not just ask? As a dating coach for women over 40, I highly recommend asking the hard questions. That is the best way to get answers — one way or the other — because no asnwer is still an answer.

Asking tough questions deepens your relationship and helps you discover how the two of you will handle difficult issues as your relationship progresses. If Trixie is thinking about kids — there will be plenty of difficult things to handle way beyond a nudie poster.

So go with both eyes open on your part, hopeful but not hasty, etc etc. Agreed, Michael. Like grown-ups do? Where in this scenario are the dumb nudie girls who go around flashing their boobies for money? Guys will always be influenced in some way by girls who flash their boobies. Evan, me, every hetero guy. Totally bizarre. Also, what kind of a name is Trixie??

She should just bust his balls about the poster and other frat boy stuff and see how he reacts. Sometime at male-oriented events, playmates or other models who pose nude will be invited to attend and sign posters of themselves. A few hundred men will line up, and she will sign posters for all the men as they come through the line. The poster is a memento. It reminds him of when he met this woman. It reminds him of the event where it occurred. As others have said, his place sounds like it was decorated by someone in their 20s.

If you want to affect his decorating style, privately tease him about decorating his place like a dorm room. The message will get through. I would like to add that I have an autographed poster of myself with the entire cast of American Storm, a male revue in Las Vegas.

Clearly these are false, unsubstantiated statements. Guys that look at it and are honest about this fact and guys that look at it and are not honest about this fact. Look, it really is no big deal unless the guy is addicted. It is exactly like women reading books like Fifty Shades of Gray or other romance novels. You might like it and get turned on by it, but are you going to leave your husband over some imaginary guy in some book? You have a good point about how, in general, men get lost in the fantasy porn provides and women, in general, get lost in the erotic novels they read as an aside.

In which case, self-honesty is the best policy. Most people have the courage to take the self-reflection needed and direct that focus back to their relationship on a relatively consistent basis, others may not.

No judgement — I would just like to point out what some ladies may fear. Her survival brain sees this situation as a threat instead. Trixie needs to see the glass half full on this one. If he still has the thing, it clearly means something to him. But we all DO notice and are influenced by the female form in some degree. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Dear Evan, I met this guy online and he is incredible. One thing though, I saw a bunch of porn magazines in his bathroom. Should I be concerned? He also has a good job and his own place. The only thing is, he watches….

If you saw a woman who was about to drive off a cliff, would you tell her? Once you understand where men are coming from, which I would not have been able to do without the help of "Why He Disappeared," it is very simple! I have never felt so relaxed around him, he knows this and wants to spend more time with me.

His choice! I realized that I needed to find the man who would love me unconditionally for who I am, not for who he wanted me to be. You provide a reality check and remind me that everyone has doubts and there is no one "normal" response to love and commitment. Thanks, Trixie Oh, Trixie.

Being upset that your boyfriend looks at other women says as much about you as it does him: Ellie

A lot of men struggle with looking at other women. We also receive plenty of questions from men who struggle to keep their eyes on the women they are with. Here's a submission I received from just such a guy and my recommendations on how he can learn to stop. When younger I was just another guy who looks at other women, even when with my wife.

It's understandably upsetting when your boyfriend or husband checks out other women right in front of you. You might even find yourself wondering, "Does he really love me?

I understand how hurtful it can be. You look around and see his eyes are fixed on a gorgeous girl walking nearby. And with that, the entire mood shifts. You suddenly feel unattractive and low.

Why Do Men Look At Other Women? (What You Need to Know)

You enter the room and your husband quickly shuts the laptop down. Of course, it could all be innocent, but what if you suspect your husband is looking at ladies online? Should you be worried or is it just boys being boys? Do you confront him outright? Is he bored with you and thinking of having an affair? Are you not good enough for him any more? When guys look at other women it can feel like a betrayal. There are lots of reasons for a husband looking at females, but the biggest one is simple — they get pleasure from it. Now, there are also lots of different ways you can view females on the internet.

Men in Relationships: Is It Normal to Look at Other Women?

According to Dennis Prager, men are naturally programmed to want more than one woman, despite being in a monogamous relationship. Because American 'academic' Dennis Prager has cleared things up - he says men look at other women simply because they are 'other women'. According to the President of Prager University in America, the good news is that while most males are excited by other female forms, it doesn't mean they are dissatisfied with their own partner. And the bad news?

Will she finally tell him how it makes her feel and get the respect she deserves?

I am in a serious relationship with a man that I have known for many years but have only started the relationship in the past few months. Our relationship seems like a dream, we have always cared for each other, but I think our timing was never right. We had started a relationship at 20 and I subsequently broke his heart. He did not communicate his feelings for me which led me to believe there was no future for us and I moved on.

Why Guys Check Out Other Women — And How To Handle It

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. My boyfriend of three years and I are happy together. I know he loves me and we have a great relationship.

Search Search. Menu Sections. My boyfriend and I have been going out for nearly two years and for the most part the relationship is good. I am a single mother and I feel he doesn't understand the strains of this. I am not the most confident person when it comes to my capabilities or looks.

Why Men Look At Other Women

You watch as the man you love turns his head, looks her up and down, and his eyes linger just a little too long on her breasts, or her backside. A torrent of questions runs through your mind: Does he want her? Is he not attracted to me anymore? Sound familiar? Take me for instance. I love and adore her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

What should you do when you find out your guy is sexually attracted to other women? It's only natural Jul 25, - Uploaded by Matthew Hussey.

However, many women feel uncomfortable and start fuming read: steam billowing out of their ears when they see their lover eye-balling a younger woman wearing a tight dress or bust them looking at the most ridiculously-themed porn. Have you seen some of that stuff? See it for what it is. From personal experience I can honestly say there have been times that my blood wanted to boil when I caught my partner mentally undressing a random woman in a restaurant, supermarket or in the post office. But the biological essence of the situation is that it means nothing.

Man gawking at another woman iStock. It tends to happen a lot in relationships, but is it normal? Should you just accept this behavior and reason guys will be guys? According to Patrick Kenger, a male image consultant for Pivot Male Image Consulting , a man should aim to make his partner feel valued.

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