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I hope you like it. This is just a filler chapter. With next chapter, will the stages start. Lucas Friar and Joshua Mattews. At 14, while Riley was contemplating wether she was ready to be in a relationship with Lucas, Maya was experiencing her crush crushing her with his rejection. At 15, Riley was officially taken, while Maya was trying to move on and be happy with her Single status, but miserably failing.

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Joshaya fanfiction

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One minute everything appears normal, like there's not a single action humanly capable that could change the way things are happening. You start to believe perfection is a good thing, and that you could do no wrong. It's like being on cloud nine; your thoughts are free, your footsteps are lighter, and your eyes envision endless possibilities. You want to accomplish any and everything imaginably probable, despite the inevitable consequences. You become blind to the circumstances, and block out all voices telling you— do not.

You don't think about the inadequate until it's too late; when everything seems, hopeless and lost. Then suddenly you want to go back, and stop yourself from being so remarkably foolish, but soon realize you can't. No one around warning you of the bad just at the end of the tunnel.

No one to miss you if something inexplicable were to happen, and no one there to hold you in their arms. There's no warmth to feel, and no love in your heart because you're too used to being alone. Albeit, truthfully expecting it. You stare closely at the happy families and love stricken couples prancing around you, and merely bow your head as you know you could never have what they do.

You want a sense of what it's like to kiss the one you're madly in love with, and to listen as they list all the things they admire about you; however, you were never that fortunate enough. Your relationships usually end in heartache, leaving your once lover with a broken heart. You try to take the blame, to be convinced everything was your fault, although, unable to because you knew all along that it just wasn't meant to be.

Now you're lying up in a hospital bed with your eyes closed, your heart barely pumping, and your last memories being only of brilliant headlights and a boisterous car horn. You can hardly wiggle your fingers, while the rest of your muscles feel stiff. You desperately want to part your lips to speak, but evidently cannot. However, the blatant sound of voices traveling through one ear and out the other keeps your motivation induced—a desire to wake up and see just whose voice it belongs to feeling a lot like a sugar rush.

Nevertheless, the sad thing being that you're unaware of how long you've been unconscious, and no idea how much longer it will continue. Maybe it's just like Sleeping Beauty.

With a soft kiss to the lips, you can wake up in a matter of seconds; however, only by the means of an apparent true love. Although, how much of a guarantee is it really?

After all, you never had a true love preceding your sudden accident, and now you may be lying in your deathbed. Desperate, you only want to open your eyes again, and take in all that comes with the one life we all are promised. You want to smell the flowers, feel raindrops on your face, and gaze at the sun until you can't help but finally look away.

You want to listen to music, laugh with the ones closest to you, and sleep for hours on a Sunday. One gentle, lingering touch, and suddenly your soul is back within your body.

Don't worry, though because you may be Sleeping Beauty now, but you won't be for much longer. Although, he is making astounding progress. I can assure you he should be waking up a lot sooner than we originally drafted. I could clearly recognize the voices. One I had heard for most of my entire life, and the other of someone, who's been by my side almost the whole time of me being captive within this unfamiliar place.

I could plainly decipher one of them to be crying, while the other only seeming to babble constant judgement and reassurance. There wasn't anything I could do in that moment, and it pained me by the second. I'm helpless, and currently unable to even curl my toes, let alone speak a full sentence although, I guess I asked for this. I must've thought myself to be indestructible or something if I thought I could safely travel through the most dangerous part of town, and make it out alive.

What was it that I was even trying to prove? Just trust that we're doing everything that we can. Her shouts were exhilarating. For as long as I've known her, she's always stuck up and cared about me like no one else has.

It's one of the many things I love about her, although despite regularly telling her so, did words still not feel like enough. Everybody is triumphant enough to have at least one person consistently by their side, and I'm glad to have had mine for countless years now.

I realize you're worried and upset, but we do have other patients to tend to. You believing him to wake up and him actually waking up, are two totally different things! Now I don't know about you, but him never opening his eyes again is not an option, so you and your nurses better get to work the minute I step out of this room, or there will be problems!

I could hear nothing else after that. Nothing aside from the sound of feet stomping further and further away, followed by the noise of a door clicking shut. Regardless, soon sensing a presence hovering above me with their shadow blatantly casting down.

Matthews, I'm sure you've heard all of that. Time for us to get started then," he says, "Maya Hart, please report to room A Maya Hart to room A, please. The mention of said name then suddenly gets me excited—as excited as I could manage to pertain, anyway, and even unconscious did I learn all I needed to. Her touch is genuinely beseeching, and the perky tone of her voice honestly soothing and hypnotic.

Her sincerity pushes me to prevail, and the image of her I've created in my mind hopefully just as beautiful as the real thing.

I may not have been able to move, though my hearing still at its best since the accident. A dedicated volunteer of this hospital, her voice always sounding cheerful and just as vibrant as her blonde hair, I'm sure. Sometimes I can even sense myself beginning to smile anytime I know she's near, and when she lightly strokes my skin with her touch as she tends to me.

She easily makes my heart palpitate, and no other nurse can like she does. She agrees to the demands so willingly, and despite not being able to see her face, I know she's smiling right now, too. Later, some more footsteps and the closing of the door, and I know now that it's just us two. She eventually starts walking up to my bedside, and I'm certain the look on her face to be placid.

Afterwards, I can feel her touch—that same subtle touch she gives me anytime we're together. I swear, I just want to hurry and open my eyes, so I can finally get a glimpse of her before she possibly leaves for whatever reason. Her calming voice then quickly flows through my ears. Car accident. Driving while under the influence of drugs. Has been coma induced for nearly a month. I couldn't tell if she were reading a file, or simply reciting everything she knew about my situation.

Either way, I didn't want her to stop. The more she keeps talking to me, the more at ease I think I feel. I could hear the humor in her voice. She knows deep down I'm not faking it, and if I could wake up right now, I would. Regardless, I couldn't lie—the constant attention and affection is something I will surely miss when all of this is said and done. Her playful attempt to make a joke is cute and hilarious, though. Maya then softly intertwines my hand with hers, and I can feel her cautiously easing her way down onto the side of my bed to sit.

Her grip is firm, and soon she begins to hum. It's the tune of a random song that I had to think long and hard about to remember. Her humming then later turns to temperate singing, and immediately had that been one more thing I learned about her. Her voice is beautiful and serene, and the mellow tone of it basically addicting.

I wonder if she sings to all the patients she looks after, or if I'm a special exception. I can take it from here. I allowed you to aid me the first few times to help with your experience, but it's just implementing some medications. I'll be fine. Besides, you're needed in the baby delivery room as of now, so would you please? She didn't want to leave, that much is obvious, nor did I want her to go either.

My side where she once sat now feels empty, and my hand's warmth slowly turning back cold again. I long for her to be next to me, and hopeless to have my eyes someday look in to hers. My conscience tells me I have no love in my heart because I'm too used to being alone. Well, couldn't that all change? I mean, medications and therapy clearly aren't working, and nothing else is left to try except the infamous fairy tale kiss that usually ends with a happy ending. I only wonder now, how do you get someone to kiss you when they haven't the slightest clue of what you're asking for?

This is a new Joshaya story I'm thinking of continuing, so what do you all think of the introduction thus far? Josh has gotten himself into an accident due to driving under the influence of drugs, and has been admitted into the same hospital Maya is volunteering at. With this also being an AU, I made it where Maya and Josh don't know each other leading up to their encounter in the hospital.

The mystery girl talking to the doctor will also be introduced further with the next possible chapters I write. Once again, please review , and thanks to all that read and followed. Much appreciation! Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Girl Meets World Fanfictions

Riley lets out a snort as if her best friend would say yes after that. Suddenly the bell rings and the rest of the class floods into the room followed by Mr. Corey thinks about it for a second his lips in a straight line. Maya looks at Riley then down on the ground, it had been a while since her almost been on a date with Farkle, and Uncle Boing was away at University so there was really no harm in one date.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Boy, you grew up gorgeous.

One minute everything appears normal, like there's not a single action humanly capable that could change the way things are happening. You start to believe perfection is a good thing, and that you could do no wrong. It's like being on cloud nine; your thoughts are free, your footsteps are lighter, and your eyes envision endless possibilities. You want to accomplish any and everything imaginably probable, despite the inevitable consequences. You become blind to the circumstances, and block out all voices telling you— do not.

Nothing Interesting — Stages Of Love... [Joshaya Series Fic]

This part is pretty Joshaya heavy. Keep in mind that this scene will come slightly in to play later, though, and it might get confusing if you do skip this part. Maya and Josh sit at the bay window somewhat awkwardly. Maya looks as scared as Riley was. Josh knowing Maya, picks up on her fear instantly. I have no idea what me and Zay are. I have no idea what you and I are.

Shallow Pleasure Chapter One. I hope you think of me every painstaking second you're away, Joshua Matthews. Albeit, her voice laced with venom, and her eyes seeming to shoot daggers—killing him instantly presuming it were at all possible. The mere thought of her threat itself, suppressing any noise from him, whatsoever as he remotely held his breath. Josh quietly sat, his eyes steadily gazing outside to the foreign scenery surrounding him.

I've started writing a road trip fanfiction for Girl Meets World where Josh and Maya find themselves stranded in California and was wondering if it was okay to post. Here's an excerpt of the two on the road in a scene I finished awhile ago!

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

I know you have a boyfriend now, but when I told him to choose you, I didn't think I was telling Lucas to take my best friend from me. Because Riley was always busy with Lucas. Maya had almost no one else, she was always with Riley, they were best friends.

Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text. It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple. Yeah, life was pretty good. Maya just grunted and took a long sip of her drink while Josh laughed and continued. Who cares about Skinner and his operant conditioning psychobabble?

So this is going to be a collection of different Joshaya one-shots I've written. I may post an actual story I've been working on, but haven't decided yet. If you don't like the ship, don't read. I don't need reviews like "It's creepy" "I hate them. I hope everyone here is a Joshaya shipper and will respect it. Josh is in town for his pre-college program and sees Maya out with a guy friend.

Welcome to the Girl Meets World Fanfiction Page. Here you may post your fanfiction for others to.

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Слова Стратмора эхом отдавались в его голове: Уходите немедленно. Это приказ. Чатрукьян пнул ногой урну и выругался вслух - благо лаборатория была пуста: - Диагностика, черт ее дери.

С каких это пор заместитель директора начал действовать в обход фильтров.

Коммандер. Стратмор даже не повернулся. Он по-прежнему смотрел вниз, словно впав в транс и не отдавая себе отчета в происходящем. Сьюзан проследила за его взглядом, прижавшись к поручню.

Что подумают люди. - В шифровалке проблемы.

Сьюзан замерла возле вентиляционного люка. Крик оборвался столь же внезапно, как и раздался. Затем наступила тишина. Мгновение спустя, словно в дешевом фильме ужасов, свет в ванной начал медленно гаснуть. Затем ярко вспыхнул и выключился .

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- Я же говорила.

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