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How to look older as a man

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Are you irked by the fact that everyone commons on how young you look? Do you feel like people treat you like you are younger than your actual age? Do the bouncers at your favorite pub ask you to show your ID before they allow you into the establishment? For some, being considered younger than they actually are is a sort of blessing.



10 Ways You Make Yourself Look Older and Less Attractive

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Are you irked by the fact that everyone commons on how young you look? Do you feel like people treat you like you are younger than your actual age? Do the bouncers at your favorite pub ask you to show your ID before they allow you into the establishment? For some, being considered younger than they actually are is a sort of blessing. However, for others, this is a huge pain that they would rather shed of.

To make this dream come true, you need to learn how to look older. Similarly, you need to shed the image that your baby face has given you and adopt something a bit older, more dignified, and respected.

The secret, of course, lies in how you dress, style, groom, and carry yourself. Some clothes only add to the young looks, making you seem like you are just about to crack out from the throes of puberty. From bulking up your body and keeping a beard to wearing shirts and making smarter, more mature clothing choices, it is easy to learn how to look older.

The decisions you make will help you look a bit older. Although looking young feel great, it only works when you advance in years. Remember, what you wear will make a world of difference to how you look. Dressing in more conservative, traditional business clothes, for instance, will make people less likely to automatically dismiss you.

Similarly, making a couple of adjustments to how you dress and how you style your hair will have people taking you more seriously. Use the techniques in the sections below to make yourself look older:. Irrespective of your age, you can intentionally pick out clothes that will add to your years by making you feel more powerful and secure in your own skin. As a man, you certainly want to be treated respectfully and to be taken seriously.

A new look, full of maturity, will give you all of this and more. The idea, of course, is to make you feel comfortable, look sharp, and seem older than you actually are. Remember, your clothes will add to your years, or subtract from them depending on what you choose. Think about the following:. Invest in a couple of jackets to wear over your shirts and t-shirts.

This is because jackets are designed in such a way that they will bulk up your body frame. Using this trick, therefore, you should be able to look much younger than you are, especially if your youthful looks are mostly as a result of your skinny frame. The perfect jacket, in this way, will make you look a whole lot older from the maturity perspective. For instance, if you intend to attend a party, wear a good black suit jacket with jeans , shoes, and a well-fitting shirt.

You are going to look a whole lot more mature than the other men who walk in on the event in t-shirts. When given a choice between shirts and t-shirts, always opt for the former. Adding the number of shirts in your closet will give you the confidence you lack because you think you look younger than your age.

Apart from making your personality seem more mature, shirts will also add tons of volume to your body frame. Collar shirts that are in a good fit, with buttons running all the way down, will make you look older than if you decided to go with a t-shirt. Plain-printed dress shirts and plaid shirts, in particular, are excellent looks whether you are looking to add to your years or you simply need to feel smart, professional, mature, and in tune with your personal dressing choices.

However, never wear anything that is too big for your frame. Ensure that the sleeves of your collar shirt come to the wrist when you lay your arms on your sides and never further than that. From plain shirts with stripes to trendy flannel shirts for pairing with jeans, a nice shirt will add years to your personality.

However, there are times when a t-shirt is the only thing you can wear — such as when you are going out to the gym or to hit the basketball court. With regards to shirts and t-shirts, never wear anything that is tight fitting. Thin fellows, in particular, should note that wearing tight shirts and t-shirts will only make them look younger and skinnier than they are. Instead, opt for tops and shirts that are neither too loose nor too tight.

Either of these options will end up being a disaster especially because you are not looking to highlight the skinny body you have. Although everyone wears shorts, they are more commonly associated with athletic wear and boys.

To look older, therefore, you might want to invest in form-fitting pants of a good quality and leave your shorts for sports and the gym. More particularly, avoid athletic shorts and baggy cargo shorts of all kinds. Remember, baggy shorts always make you look young. Skinny silhouettes of the legs will always make you look young.

Instead, look for jeans that are styled as slim fit and not skinny. This means that they will only good on you if you actually have the legs to show them off. However, if you look like you have a pair of matches instead of legs in these jeans, avoid them altogether. While choosing your pants, always go for dress pants and khakis instead of jeans. These options will look great and make you appear like you have a serious job, even if you are just an intern.

With regards to dress pants, there are tons of fabric choices in store for you: polyester blends, wool, and cotton. Khakis are also wrinkle-resistant and easier to take care of. If you do decide to keep your jeans, opt for dark varieties. Baggy and washed-out jeans look terrible. The best, most traditional cut is the straight one. It is perfect for any occasion imaginable as long as you get pairs that fit your frame comfortably. To make your jeans feel more elegant and mature, pair them with a dress shirt with a necktie or with a sports jacket.

Sneakers, for older men, are only meant for sports. Although men of all ages wear sneakers and tennis shoes, you will be better off only wearing them when you are going out for a run, to the gym, or for sport. As you continue learning how to look older, you should look for adult shoes. This does not mean that you should buy penny loafers for old men.

Rather, go for faux-leather and basic leather shoes. They will make you look older than if you wore sneakers. If your height is a bit on the short side, add to your height with cowboy or motorcycle boots with heels, shoes with slightly-raised platform soles, or Doc Martens. With regards to your footwear choices, always leave the sneakers for sports and exercise-related activities. Boots and leather shoes will make you look grown up and in tune with your age. You might also want to avoid light and pastel colors for your shirts and t-shirts.

These colors are more feminine and youthful in comparison to such cold and dark choices as black, maroon, dark brown, and navy blue. Only those guys who are extremely comfortable with their body image and masculinity can pull of t-shirts and shirts in pastel shades. These include the metro-sexual guys, as well as those who have buff bodies and who know they will be able to carry anything they please.

Bright shoes, hoodies, and extreme drop-crotch pants might have been the fashion statement during your teens. However, when you want to ooze maturity and look older, you need to town down on these choices. Styling and accessorizing are keys to looking mature and serious than you actually are.

For instance, a masculine belt matching your shoes and watch are a must for every man. Although this might seem like something you can easily overlook, it actually matters. Acne is commonly associated with teens and those in their early twenties. In case you have a baby face because of acne, you need to deal with it.

Invest in a good cleaner or cream to control and remove all breakouts. When you are trying to break out of your teenage shell and into the abyss of male maturity, you need to let your hair grow a bit longer. Short hair will only make you look younger. Therefore, consider styling your hair in such a way that it will add volume to your face. Some haircut choices will make your face look younger while others will give you the impression of power and success you are trying to portray.

If your hair is long, never leave it looking shabby. This kind of hairstyle only looks good on a couple of people. For men with baby faces, such styling will look horrible. Harry Styles, from One Direction, is able to carry his unkempt and scruffy hairstyle on account of his large face. Imagine if Niall Horan left his hair like that — it would be a complete disaster.

It will add a couple of years to your looks. However, you should keep your facial hair under control, unlike how the men in Duck Dynasty leave theirs. Style the facial hair before you step out and use a trimmer any time it starts growing too thick to ensure that you look trendier and older. American Crew Fiber, 3 Oz. With regards to your eyes, always choose aviators over sunglasses.

The glasses you wear will significantly leave an impression on your age. If you wish to look older, therefore, stay away from any sleek sunglasses that wrap around the eyes. Instead, opt for iconic aviator-style sunglasses. These glasses come with their own unique appeal, which makes them look as aging as they are cool. Paired with denims, rugged boots, and a black faux leather jacket, they will make you look cooler and older than your age.

Adorning a nice watch will make you look older.

How to look older

Even when I wear the occasional fitted suit, I look like a young investment banker intern. Any advice? Benjamin, I feel your pain. And while having a babyface this might be great in most cases, I understand the desire to look older and present more authority, especially when it comes to your career. I had a client a while back in the same predicament.

You are a man well be into your 30s who has a successful career. But people keep thinking you are in college. You keep getting passed over by women your age who think you must be younger than them.

Updated: February 13, References. Tired of being mistaken for your younger sibling? You can appear older and more mature than you are. Just focus on how you dress and the way you hold yourself, and people will start thinking you are older.

14 Ways Baby-Faced Guys Can Look Older Than Their Age

As a teen, this was a common phrase spoken to me by my mother. Recently, it feels like time has suddenly sped up. Getting older is an inevitable part of being a mortal creature. Even so, many of us would prefer to look and feel young as possible, and there are things we can do to avoid speeding up the aging process. The truth is many of us may be engaging in day-to-day habits that are causing us to feel and look older than we actually are. It may be ridiculous to try to pause the aging process, but it is just as ridiculous to give up and continue to engage in any practices that are going to speed up the process. Although most men understand that lifestyle choices like smoking or excessive drinking make them look older, there are other choices that get looked over. Give yourself, and your body, the support it needs to stay healthy and young for as long as possible: Skip these seven habits. Individuals with poor sleep habits retain less water in their skin , according to the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. Dry skin can appear more wrinkled, while well-moisturized skin appears to have a much smoother texture.

Are You A Grown Man With A Baby Face? 14 Style Tips To Dress Older

I love writing about relationships, love, romance, and flirting. I hope you find the advice in my articles useful. Are you trying to find ways to look older? Have you been frantically searching for ways to shed your image as a baby-faced guy?

Finding your passion—and turning it into money—is tricky for anyone, but especially for women. The persistent gender wage gap, the lack of top female executives, and the dearth of mentorship present unique challenges.

For a while, in my teens, I was at the age where I wanted to look older. Then, when I got older, I wanted to look younger. Now, I just don't care.

10 Easy Ways To Look Older As A Man

Do you think you look older than your years? Looking for practical ways to vibe out younger and more attractive? Do you want to get your handsome on? Most guys want to look their best and prevent premature aging.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 5 Secrets to Look Older in your 20s and 30s – *Life-Changing*

I look young — oftentimes too young — and it bothers me a lot. I'm a year-old grown man with a baby face. If I choose the wrong outfit it's easy to look like a teenager. And sure, looking young is great as you get older but I don't want to be treated like a kid in business meetings or job opportunities. I've been in meetings where no one included me in the conversation because they assumed I was an teenage intern or assistant and therefore didn't have something valuable to say.

How to Look Older (for Men)

Later in life, that becomes a blessing. But, not to worry; there are plenty of ways you can make yourself appear older. So, without further adieu, here are three easy ways to make yourself look older. The quickest and easiest way to add some years to your face is to grow a beard. Plus, a recent study of 8, women has shown that men with beards are considered more attractive and masculine than our clean-shaven counterparts.

Whether you're a young person who wants to look older or an older person who still looks young and you want to look your age, these quick and easy tips will.

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9 Simple Style Tweaks Babyfaced Men Can Use to Look Older (And Get Taken Seriously)

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30 Ways to Make Yourself Look Older In 30 Seconds

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7 Habits That Make Men Appear To Age Faster

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A Man’s Guide on How to Look Older – Top 20 Tips for The Young Fellow

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